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Welcome to The Digital Picture – I’m looking forward to using this platform to share stories relevant to technology, the opportunities it presents, and the challenges it allows us to address in Europe.

A lot is being written and said at the moment about the EU2020 and the developments of the Digital Agenda associated with it – how the Internet can be used to address challenges in areas as diverse as health, the environment, employment, innovation and development. In particular, developments in cloud computing are seen as essential to meeting the requirements of the Agenda.

This is so much the case at the moment that the term is rapidly becoming a buzzword in the European community, among businesses, developers, stakeholders and policymakers.

Cloud computing, as a concept, has been around for a long time. If you’re familiar with webmail or remote online data storage facilities, you’ve used it. But the concept has been adopted and identified as essential by those who are interested in seeing the Digital Agenda succeed – and a number of high-profile Web players have launched development programs to be at the forefront of the cloud’s further development.

In this radio interview, my colleagues explain the importance of what some people are now simply calling “the Cloud” in relation to the Digital Agenda. I’ve also been following comments made from across the ICT industry about optimism relating to cloud computing – can it curb piracy? Is it the main tech development to watch – and if so, what’s going to happen next? And will it create jobs?

Cloud has been a reality in the consumer market for a while – businesses are following suit. Incentives and opportunities exist and awareness needs to be raised, in order to allow companies – in particular, SMEs – to make the most of them. It will be a facilitator for the development of the Digital Agenda – helping stakeholders to achieve the goals it describes.

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