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ABC News Clip about the Controversy

Well the beat continues, as the Texas State Board of Education continues to rewrite the school curriculum for the nation. Again, as I have stated in the past, academics need to watch this continuing saga and be prepared to boycott the publisher(s) of these standards.  In the name of education TSBOE is making children stupid.  It is an education stopper.  And it is not doing a favor for school children.  They will graduate from high school and go to college to find out that their version of history is sadly lacking.  Those who don’t go on to a higher education will continue to facilitate falsehoods the rest of their lives.

If this were just Texas, I would be up in arms.  Because this issue will affect many students who don’t go to Texas Schools, I am outraged.  I am suppose to just stand and listen to small breaches of historical fact?  The oddest thing is that the TSBOE and its conservative members are doing the very things they claim that the left is guilty of.  So 2 wrongs make a right?  In an era where more education needs to be provided to prepare people for after school life, they are certainly lowering the standards of the intelligence of their students.  Will these students be able to compete with other students from different states on an equal basis.  No. So now we ill further place people in a straight jacket until they graduate and then when the straight jacket is taken off, we will find that students will need remedial classes.  This is not fair.

Again, I will keep people abreast of this situation as much as I can.  I do believe that the TSBOE has not finalized the standards as of yet, but they are due to be finalized at the end of May and will not be scheduled to be revisited until 2020.  God save us all.

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