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No more papal conclaves. Europeans need a European Presidential Election night.

The question is major and burning. A compromise-style designation naturally leads to a chairman-type president, a facilitator.  That structure exists elsewhere; see the Secretariat for the North American Free Trade Agreement. Its mandate is clear: provide administrative assistance to the Commission (Article 2002.3). Let me state immediately EU’s ambition, and allocated budget, goes beyond a trade association.

I speak from a country used to making compromises and appointing facilitators (Belgium called Van Rompuy for his rescuer talent). Such entity quickly specialises in self-examination and soul-searching. For a breathing and shining Europe, I believe we need an animator-type president, a leader. And such function also exists elsewhere in the world: the President of the United States. A president that conveys the recognition and influence we strive for.

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We can continue an endless debate. But let’s face it: to team up internally and influence externally, Europeans need a European Presidential Election night. Don’t you think so?

David Mekkaoui (22FEB10)

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