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(Last updated on 02.12.2009)


Is the “swine flu pandemic” just a huge corruption affair, the Russian newspaper Novye Izvestya is asking in its Nov 25th article referring to the outcomes of an investigation carried out by Danish reporters ( 2009).

According to the publication, World Health Organisation (WHO) consultants who have given themselves out as independent experts are in fact on the payrolls of various pharmaceutical companies. The latter are said to have profited over 7 billion Euros on sales of A/H1N1 vaccines (Smirnov 2009).

Surely WHO consultants can also be employed by the pharmaceutical industry if the organisation does not mind this conflict of interests. But I strongly believe it is the right of consumers to be properly informed who exactly is the person recommending the announcement of a certain threat level and/or what is the relation between the person prescribing a particular drug and the company producing/distributing that drug.





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P.S. I would like to share with the interested reader a book that I just came upon, The Swine Flu Affair: Decision-Making on a Slippery Disease by Richard E. Neustadt and Harvey V. Fineberg (1978) (alternative download location). The authors present their study of the US Federal Government swine flu vaccination program (the National Influenza Immunization Program) in the period 1976 – 1977.


What I have read so far from the book reminds me of George Santayana’s sentence “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”


I highly recommend the book for reading – there certainly is much to learn from it!







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