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Dear Europe,


It is with great interest that I read your announcement of the vacancies for a President and a High Representative for Foreign Affairs published on EurActiv’s web site under the title Europe desperately seeking leaders, with terms of reference published on the US German Martial Fund’s web site. The posts are an exciting opportunity corresponding to my professional experience and goals, therefore I decided to submit my application for these vacancies.


I am a young and energetic professional with 2 Master of Science degrees in various fields and over 8 years of experience in international and national policy development and implementation who has the guts to stand up for his personal opinion even when this opinion contradicts the orthodox views and opinions. My mother tongue is Bulgarian and I speak fluent English, German and Russian. I come from Bulgaria – one of the small member states. In addition, I take an active voluntary involvement in human right and democracy enhancement activities.


I am confident that my skills and knowledge would be an excellent match for any of the announced positions and that I will be a valuable asset for your team.


I am looking forward to persuading you of my qualities in a personal conversation.



Yours sincerely,



Svetoslav Apostolov







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