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Politics of arrogance

In general, the powerful and influential in our society shape the laws
and have great influence on the legislator and on the Parliament, this
creates a rockets to change, because the powerful or the influential
have caught up for themselves or have inherited a privileged position
in the society. – Jimmy Carter 1974

The real key issues we are facing in our society, as a nation, as a planet, are those, which are not being debated.

When is the time that everything will be over? Who will manage to drive over the edge? Our society is struggling to heist. One summer afternoon, I saw people being beaten for expressing their freedom of speech; they were not violent protesters, they were not throwing stones or even rioting. The peaceful protest was dissolved in matter of minutes. Simply because of the lack of tolerance other nations should display when the

Western nations are pointing their fingers at Chinese lack of a decent piece of freedom humans can have in their countries. Is it any wonder when they come to the EU that they face the same opposition, which they can feel almost every day from the international press? For me, seeing the beatings, arrogance of the police paid by the same tax payers who were unwanted for expressing what they feel is right, is definitely not right and we know it. Tien An Men – Bratislava 2009.

The point here is that the lack of tolerance to accept views, which may be alien to the government representatives, is not caused by high diplomatic issues like this visit of Chinese president in the EU, economy issues or the like. There’s lack of tolerance to accept suggestions and views on several issues, which are being overseen, ignored or as a result, you become a persona non grata in the worst case scenario. It is happening.

For me the persona non grata is bit of a joke, as during my 7 years I spent providing consultations to some governments, I was twice described as a persona non grata by some in the same country, in two different areas of the public service. What did I wrong? I didn’t stick to what they were saying and I still believe what they said back then was wrong, corrupted and simply sick. When a government is trying to enslave people as mindless Internet consumers by secretly signing deals with corporations without public procurement, spending hundreds of millions of euros for garbage, which serves neither the tax payers nor the public service needs.

One of the many funny examples of my life.
I’m trying to explore the possibility to sue them for not following competition rules, public procurement, etc. But I end up in a loop where I don’t have more time to deal with these issues, even when I have literally hundreds of pages of proof. The real question is – why isn’t there any authority of the EU public bodies which would deal specifically with these problems? Why must a decent man try to throw his life to the wolves to accomplish what the executives, who are paid for from public money, should do by default.

If you know such institution, please let me know; I have several EU
governments to sue.

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