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Last month I explained on this blog why the PES is THE party of gender equality. Well the European Women’s Lobby has now confimed that. It has just published its European election ‘gender audit’, which gives the conservatives (EPP) and liberals (ELDR) a ‘RED light’ (low score), the Greens a ‘YELLOW light’ (intermediate score) and the PES alone a ‘GREEN light’ (high score). These results are based on a thorough study into the manifestos and candidates of the different parties. I am confident that this top score for the PES, which achieved the best possible marks in every section of the audit, is thanks to the detailed gender equality chapter of the PES manifesto and the high percentage of women in the PES Group in the European Parliament (41%, compared to just 24% in the EPP group).

So congratulations to everyone in the PES for this excellent result. You can read the Gender Audit, and if you haven’t done so already, please sign the EWL’s 50:50 campaign for gender equal democracy. Perhaps the President of the outgoing European Parliament Hans-Gert Poettering, when he discovers that his party (the EPP) has done so badly in this audit, will be persuaded to change his ways and sign the 50:50 campaign. It’s never too late, Hans-Gert!

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