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As European Parliament June elections approach, we welcome you to Europe in the Americas, a blog about Europe and her longstanding, enduring, yet little-known, scarcely acknowledged, & regularly denied ties with the people, history, structure and struggles of the Americas.  This includes current events such as the 15 May 2009 referendum in Curaçao, as well as political and social movement in Martinique and Guadeloupe. Thank you to for freely sharing this platform. My name is Marian Douglas-Ungaro. I live in Europe and the U.S. My family and I, who are people of African, European and American Indian descent, are natives of the U.S. and, thus, of the Americas. I am the initiator of this blog, and its sole author. Please do contact me if you’d like to share something you’ve researched, or know, or discovered, about the interactions of Europe & the Americas: whether Europe’s earlier colonial or her continuing presence in the Americas. Here’s to the remainder of 2009. Happy Spring! The best for every one of us!

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