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A slight change in focus….

I have decided that i will start extending what i comment on beyond the issue of eurozone governance and extend this blog to broader issues – all probably with a euro theme – covering politics, culture, people and anything else I take a view on!

Why am i broadening the scope? – Well one positive reason and one less positive.

The positive reason first – I am a fan of Willem Buiter’s blog on and his reason for blogging struck a chord with me. He finds it a useful way to record his thoughts and test his ideas – in other words it’s a kind of “thinking out loud” process. I would also say this is my reason (although I add thoughts a lot less frequently than Buiter!). It is obviously an added bonus where people read my blog and comment so that I can add to my own knowledge but the primary reason is to record my thoughts and views.

The less positive reason – As a believer in closer eurozone integration I am finding this downturn depressing. The commission is largely irrelevant and governments seem to be making every effort to disagree rather than co-operate. I realise this should be a reason to increase my calls for closer integration – and am sure I will continue to do this – but it’s depressing to watch.


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