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ESU reacts to the Commission’s education and training strategic framework It is designed to set the tone for cooperation on education policy across all 27 Member States for the decade ahead. And last week, ESU had the opportunity to comment on the European Commission’s updated strategic framework for European cooperation on education and training at an annual stakeholder forum event in Brussels.

Having adopted the updated strategic framework on 16 December 2008, the Commission held the second in its annual stakeholder event for education and training partners on 9 February. ESU was one of around 80 organisations and social partners to take part in the event and to hear first-hand about the proposals. Whilst welcoming the overall approach of the updated strategic framework, we have three primary areas of concern which centre around lack of stakeholder involvement in the policy development process, the need for a clear set of benchmarks to ensure that fine words on equity are made a reality, and the need to set a minimum level of public financing for HE as a percentage of GDP.


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