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As Rhein’s Energy and Climate blog reports, the Swedish government has changed the 30-years-old decision to decommission the country’s nuclear power plants. The policy change is made in an effort to combat climate change.

The details are very nicely posted on the other blog, I would just like to highlight to very important facts. Firstly, nuclear power plants can be operated, and even new ones built after their lifetime expires, but cannot receive state-aid. I think this is a very fair compromise: although the technology has a very different risk profile than CO2 emitting ones, it is not a risk-free alternative and it should only play a role in a 21st century energy risk if it really turns out to be a cos-effective replacement to burning coal, oil or gas. The second interesting point is that the Swedish energy mix will focus on a mix of nuclear and wind power. Wind power is very interesting, because it is just one source of renewable energy, but seems to be far the most developped, only 7% percent away from its physical optimum.

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