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Six months of the French Presidency drew to a close at the end of December, and with it a very hectic period of meetings and conferences for ESU staff.  But what was the outcome of all this frenetic activity in terms of higher education policy at the European level?  Were there some real achievements, or rather a lot of talk and little action?

There are a lot of positives to be drawn from the French tenure at the top of the EU.  Firstly, ESU would like to express it sincere gratitude for the substantial support received for organising the ‘Let’s Go!’ mobility campaign validation conference in Lille, which rounded off a year of high-level work on student and staff mobility across Europe.  Secondly, the French Presidency has been a pioneer in opening the debates of education decision-makers to students by inviting ESU representatives to attend the informal meeting of ministers in charge of education and higher education in Bordeaux. This initiative demonstrated a spirit of openness and inclusion that was deeply appreciated.


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