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Quick New Year Thought

First – happy new year!

I have been looking at the FT columnist predictions for 2009 and saw John Thornhill’s prediction that while it made sense 2009 would not be the year that President Sarkozy launched his euro group. You will not be surprised to learn I hope this prediction is wrong…..

We have seen from the UK again today that as per my last post the EU and eurozone will never be the same grouping. The UK Conservative party – the likely next government in London – have effectively ruled out joininig the euro ever and an opinion poll shows 70% of UK voters still object to joining. Therefore we need to stop this complacent attitude that the eurozone doesn’t need any specific governance structure because the EU has all appropriate structures already.

So my hope for 2009…….we stop wondering whether the UK or any other country will or will not join the euro – let’s make life easy for us all and assume they don’t – and we start working as a euro group on how a monetary union among 16 countries should be structured.

President Sarkozy – don’t give up!

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