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Introduction – 1st Blog!


This will be a short first blog as I have just set it up and will be away for a week from tomorrow (19th Nov). However, I wanted to give a brief summary of why I was writing this blog.

Basic point – I live in the UK but am from Ireland and believe that for Europe to have any relevance (in a world of continuing US power, rising China and rising India) it must increasingly integrate its voice so that Europe continues to play a role consistent with its size and wealth. (I mention location and origin in the first setence because I believe Europe needs to integrate further despite living in a country that is still deeply sceptical and grew up in one that seems to be increasingly following that road!

My rationale is therfore very simple. It’s not that Europe is one continent and is destined to unite, it is not a shared history or a people ‘ethnically’ united. It is simply that there is no country in Europe that individually could honestly expect a seat at the top table (and more importantly be listened to at this table!). However, as a collective union its voice will remain one of the most important.

The goverance part is in my title / tag becasue I think getting this right is key – and getting right before any further expansion. We are now in the EU dealing with the consequence of putting enlargement before getting the institutional framework in place. This is a mistake that cannot be made with something as fundamental as a shared currency. I plan to expand on this in future blogs. 

So that’s the introduction – be back soon with the first full blog!


I will add further writings here over the next weeks and link to anything I consider relevant to the topic (and that I am allowed link to!). But am also keen to get feedback from those who have comments that add to the topics I cover or of course correct obvious errors I may make!

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