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Today sees the launch of the new and improved Blogactiv blogroll. Whilst we liked the old one, we thought that a site of this size ought to be able to commit a full page to our fellow bloggers and the EU blogosphere. This means that we have been able to expand the number of sites we list and offer a brief description about each one.

Of course, we recognise that this list does not include everyone. And we don’t list Blogactiv bloggers either – as of a few weeks ago, they have their own list. Any omissions are likely to be by chance rather than by design.

The blogroll is linked to from the right hand column of our ‘central’ pages and so can be accessed from a large proportion of the site.

If you are an EU affairs blogger and would like to be on the list, or you can recommend a blog that we have missed, please contact us.

We also have plans in progress to expand the scale of our blogroll with additional pages. We are currently looking into ways in which we can add a ‘metablog’ for example.

Best wishes,

Stuart Langridge
Director of Blogactiv

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