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Civil Sandbox Cover Nik

“A building, that is reprogrammable, that has custom functions that are decided upon by the citizens, that incorporates the newest experimental social technologies to explore the fringes of our imaginations into where civilisation should be going.

Then, imagine one in every city. Imagine that each one has a brain (like a starship computer) that talks to each other and provides the citizens with amazingly detailed societal analytics. Oh, I did it again, I used two words that have not been used together very often or even at all!

Some people like imagining something new that they don’t understand. They will be the people who will want a Civil Sandbox. When people come together, there is an energy of new capacity generated. Exploring new ideas together, they will attempt to collectively create participation projects to involve people in their ideas of the future.

On the whole, the visitors to the event can concretely explore the big themes society is currently dealing with, participate in actions and explorations, enjoy art and music created by local and internationally invited people. A wide range of new technologies help to provide the backdrop for social events involving many new ideas and expressions from creative people.”

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EurActiv Network