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ninna-commeau.pngIn here introductory speech, Ninna Commeau – Adviser to Deputy Director General, DG Energy and Transport – European Commission – clearly stated the importance for the EU to maintain and develop the nuclear energy sector.

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Some years ago, speaking about nuclear energy was more or less a bad word. It was quite difficult. Even if – in the sight of the European Commission – we never push. We only applied the EURATOM treaty and we made our work to leave the options open.


Why the opinion on nuclear energy changed?

First of all, because electricity will be the leading factor of development in the energy sector in the EU. The energy demand will increase in electricity much more than in the other sectors.

Here you see from 2010 to 2020, the average increase of the demand of electricity will be 1.5% – when globally the increase of energy demand will be more or less 0.6%. So, it’s more than the double of the average. So, you understand that all the focus we had to put on electricity. There are a lot of negative aspects regarding energy in the EU because of the decrease of the energy production, because of the increase of the consumption and especially in the energy sector.

So, we need a huge amount of investment in the EU. It’s about nine hundred billion euros. More than the half should be dedicated to generation capacities. And nuclear is – regarding competitiveness – very important and should play a major role in the future.

Of course, the climate change is one of the leading factors of the evolution of mentalities and will be driving our way of living in the future. And, as you know, the recent meeting of energy ministers of G8 considered and emphasized that nuclear should play a very big role in the fight against climate change.

Whatever we like it or not, it’s a matter of fact. Nuclear will develop in the future in the rest of the world. It will develop and EU should continue to be the leader in the industrial nuclear sector.

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