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eh.pngHungarian MEP Edit Herczog (PES), a speaker at the conference, gives us her impression at the discussions of the event.

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Q: What did you think of the conference? What did you think about the discussions?

A: I really liked it because the arguments came to the table and it was quite transparent and open. But I was not so happy about all the discussions which sometimes were repetitive, like the project [to build nuclear plants] in Italy. Many years ago we decided to go ahead. Now, we should not be discussing it but we should strick to our promises. So, I am happy to discuss these issues because I think this is the way to discuss it, but we have to move, we have to go ahead now.

Yes I am happy to discuss it but we have to move. We have to go ahead.

Q: What have been missing from the debate? What would like to have been particularly discussed more?

A: Concretely,

  • What are the next steps?
  • What are the needs?
  • What do they ask from politics, from businesses, etc. ?
  • What do they think of a better solution [instead of developing nuclear energy]?

It is not enough to say that I don’t like this one but also what is feasible for. One has also to consider what to propose, i.e. how to provide energy for 6 billion people at a low price which I believe is a real concern as a Hungarian citizen. And I believe this why other MEPs here, other citizens here, come to this event.

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