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gg.pngGiancarlo Aquilanti, Head of the Nuclear Technology Area at ENEL, explains the state of nuclear energy in Italy.

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Q: So you are positive and optimistic about the direction? How do you see it from the view point of ENEL – development in the future in terms of new plans and more modern technology?

A: I am very optimistic because three years ago, basically ENEL had no nuclear at all. After three years ENEL now has more than 50 percent of the production from nuclear. Three years ago, it was almost impossible to talk about nuclear energy in Italy. Now we are really talking about new nuclear plants. The evolution is significantly dramatic in terms of positive signs toward nuclear. And if it goes like this, for sure we will have a positive trend toward power plants.

The important factor is also that we start a new generation of power plants that are safer and also more acceptable to the public and this is something that it is positive also for the development of the nuclear sector in Italy.

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