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Hello everyone,
my name is Chiara,i’m 18 and i’m italian.
i would suggest to all the webmasters of the european portals to send e-mails with informations about the European Parliament,about the international camps,about the information which is SO POOR!!
I discovered this site casually,and i think it’s soo bad.You should send an e-mail in every language to all the european citizens who have an e-mail.Just to reinforce the INFORMATION.I think ignorance kills,so if we are aware about our life in the european union,we can make a change,we make a mobilization.

I perfectly know it’s complicated,but i think it’s the most effective way to achieve people’s attention!

In this newsletter we should have the translation in every language,and all the links for the most important site of the European Community.

I hope somebody is listening my voice,i need your help.WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE.
I can do the italian translation.

Let me know as soon as possible,

Chiara Palieri

Author :
EurActiv Network