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Maglev Relief

I gave out a little sigh of satisfaction after a long period of concern.  Germany has decided to put the Maglev train to real use.

According to Spiegel international, by 2014 the electromagnetic train will link the Munich airport to the city.  After years and years of “testing” and that infamous accident in 2006 when 23 people died , it was looking more and more difficult for this innovative new model of public transport. Shanghai has been using it for some time, and in various parts of the world Maglev projects are in development.  At last we now have a set date when Germany’s Maglev will finally go public and Munich will be a fine setting for it.

Over 400 kilometers per hour, less energy consuming then a regular train, quiet, and all around cool to ride…. I need to get me some tickets in 2014!

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