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No Comment, Euronews

After many years of enjoying the NoComment segment on the European newschannel Euronews, NOCOMMENT has finally gone digital.

Since the beginning of this year I’ve been an avid subscriber to the NoComment podcast: a 1 to 2 minute daily segment of NoComment which also appears on the tv channel.

This segment is not only something I enjoy, I believe it is one of the finest examples of journalism and use of media to inform the public this continent has ever seen. It turns the traditional idea of tv news reporting on its head, but simply showing the visual with audio without that standard voice over explanation. It is amazing to finally see events unfold without some mysterious voice telling us what is happening. Finally we can watch and understand for ourselves, and be challenged to observe and understand without some gatekeeper forcing their interpretation on us.

In many ways it is a small revolution in television journalism which has been going on for many years, practically under the public radar. Now it can also become an internet sensation as a podcast, where we can all watch events unfold and listen to the REAL sounds of life and this world we’ve created.

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  1. My opinion is that “No Comment” is not very useful. Especially as it shows in half of the editions pictures and scenes in the Middle East.

    While Euronews claims that this is a good way to stimulate your own thinking I find that the images chosen often send a very strong and non-ambigous message.

    Euronews programming time is too precious: An opening up to viewers comments would be far more appreacated than a “no comment” by Euronews.

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