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In the winter of 1912 in a place called Lawrence, Massachusetts, 20,000 textile workers went on a long bitter strikeLaurenceThey worked long hours and lived in the worst conditions imaginable.  As immigrants from all over Europe, and mostly women and children, the workers were outraged that their already meager wages would be cut.  In their strike they demanded to be treated with dignity and paid properly, which is embodied in their slogan “We want bread, yes, but we we want roses too.”

In today’s Europe we once again see many citizens working hard for meager wages, to the great benefit of a few powerful individuals and institutions.  As leaders layout plans for how the continent will be governed and what quality of life citizens will have, it is once again time to demand not only bread, but roses; dignity, as well.

This blog is dedicated to reporting about the lives of individuals living in and around the continent of Europe. To reporting about how policy decisions are effecting daily life.  And to hear first hand from those involved on both ends of the process. The goal is to be one modest blog on the internet that keeps an eye on Europe and what is going on with our Bread and Roses.

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