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Less Security Please

I happen to have arrived in Lisbon at the same time as Tony Blair, Condi, and other assorted superstars attending the mideast quartet summit. (or whatever name they’re giving it these days)
Of course, in now typical fashion, the city was under military occupation throughout their meeting. Highways closed, military police brandishing all manner of heavy weaponry on street corners. A nice warm feeling that we are all the enemy and could be shot at any moment.
As a concerned citizen, I’m waiting for the politician or government official who turns down and rejects this kind of procedure. Who tells authorities to absolutely NOT use large numbers of police and close roads. He or she might be considered, less secure, but they would also create a less intimdating atmosphere, one where people can be unafraid and hopefully less paranoid.
I digress, after seeing all these weapons and the feeling […]

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