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Let’s try to cut through all the spin on the Reform Treaty which was put on the IGC rails on Saturday morning 23 June.
First of all, the compromise reached is no more and no less than the draft Constitution brought in through the backdoor. In a mockery of the two no-referenda in France and the Netherlands, EU leaders have cynically undone any citizens’ reluctance to continue with the current European project. Even if they will manage to prevent future referenda on the Reform Treaty, this contempt for European citizens will come back to haunt the EU. At least, the “elitist” leaders of the past had the guts to defend their elitism, whereas the current generation preaches “better communication” (try to read the compromise text) and “reconnecting to citizens”.
Secondly and more important, what happened in Brussels in the last three days confirms that European leaders are not interested in a long-term […]

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