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I attended two citizens’s debates on the EU’s constitutional crisis in the last few days and got ample confirmation that we are just whistling in the dark when confronted with what is probably one of the EU’s most serious crises.
The first debate on the June 2007 roadmap (taking place in the European Parliament on 9 May) was totally dominated by two MEP “elephants” of the Constitutional debate, Jens-Peter Bonde and Inigo Mendez de Vigo. Both these “anciens” are so “locked” into the technicalities of the Constitution debate that they can no longer see beyond the horizon of their institutional logic. Their interventions, although entertaining, left me certainly on my hunger for a visionary counter-medicine to the “future-of-the-EU paralysis” that I see everywhere in Brussels and other capitals.
Fortunately, the panel also included Raymond van Ermen whose vision for a “way out of the constitutional crisis” comes close to my own ideas […]

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