Wednesday 20 August 2014

Start your Blogactiv blog today!

Posted by on 10/03/11


Glad to hear you want to join our community of EU bloggers!

To open your blog, we would need the following details…

A valid email address

If you have a Gmail account, we can set up Google Analytics for your blog.
Please provide the Gmail address here. (Optional)

A username to log in to your blog account

A password to log in to your blog account

A name for your blog – this will form the URL of your blog
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A short description of what the blog will be about
Maximum 2 sentences or 25-30 words

Text for an ‘About’ page, provide readers with information about you and your blog
This can be as long or as short as you like

A small portrait photo of yourself or your organisations that can be used as your “avatar”
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An larger image that can be used as a header for the blog
(preferably of size 900 x 110 pixels)

When you are ready, click “send” =>