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Regarding “fake news” and disinformation, the EU Commission convened a High-Level Group and opened a public consultation. To feed into this process, we are highlighting existing initiatives that could be furthered. The blogpost “Here’s a list of initiatives that hope to fix trust in journalism and tackle “fake news” (written by the journalist Fergus Bell,… » read more

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Ukrainian society is increasingly supporting the idea of Ukraine’s accession to NATO as a mechanism for guaranteeing national security. Over recent years a dynamic growth in the level of such support has been observed in all regions of Ukraine without exception. At the same time, such support does not prevail in all the regions: residents… » read more

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Kirsten Dunlop is Chief executive of Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate change. Kirsten leads Climate-KIC’s mission to decarbonise and transform land, cities and manufacturing sectors through strategic innovation and systemic change. The European Commission’s HLEG Working Group on Sustainable Finance released its long-awaited final report on 31 January. More than two… » read more

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From the Initiative: On the 15th and 16th of February our annual conference “A New Contract: Reconnecting the EU and its Citizens” takes place in London. Make sure to register now for our public events, bringing together MEPs, academics and experts, among others former Vice President of the European Commission Joaquin Almunia, with young Europeans… » read more

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Article published on the Atlantic Treaty Association Website The NATO Alliance has a proud history of strengthening stability and prosperity among member states – from adapting to a post-war world to fostering a shared environment of democracy and freedom, writes The Honourable Hugh Segal, chair of the NATO Association of Canada The founding of… » read more

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Le nombre impressionnant de lobbies présents à Bruxelles est une réalité bien connue et acceptée par l’Union européenne et ses institutions. Presque 30.000 lobbyistes travaillent au sein d’organismes privés dans la ville belge qui ne compte qu’un million d’habitants. C’est quasiment autant que la totalité des employés de la Commission européenne. Les lobbyistes occupent donc… » read more

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Un acte délégué présenté en vertu de la législation européenne sur le tabac déclenche un débat interpellant sur la relation entre les traités internationaux et la législation secondaire de l’UE. La Commission européenne respecte-t-elle le protocole de l’OMS visant à éliminer le commerce illicite des produits du tabac? Telle est la question qui se pose.… » read more

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First of all the SPD got a very good result from the long negotiation process in deciding which party gets which ministry portfolio. SPD will hold the most important ones – Finance, Foreign affairs, Justice, Environment, Social affairs and Family, Youth and Senior Citizens affairs. It is also a positive sign that European policies are… » read more

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By Simona DEMKOVA On 25 January 2018, the Court of Justice ruled in the second of the Schrems trials in what seems to be an overhaul of the possibility for collective redress by consumers in the digital settings via a simple transfer of their claims. While Mr Schrems was granted the status of a consumer… » read more

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A delegated act tabled under EU tobacco legislation has sparked off an intriguing debate about the relationship between international treaties and EU secondary legislation. Is the European Commission respecting the WHO Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products? In past years the Newsletter has spilt copious amounts of ink writing about the relationship between… » read more

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Suite au souhait des citoyens britanniques de quitter l’Union européenne exprimé en 2016 et à la montée de l’euroscepticisme partout en Europe, les dirigeants européens se réunissaient à Bratislava dans un contexte difficile mais propice pour combler les lacunes de l’Union européenne. Un an plus tard, en septembre 2017, le président de la Commission présentait… » read more

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Deutsche Politik und Europas Klimaverpflichtungen Die Wahlergebnisse des vergangenen Jahres haben zu beispiellosen Schwierigkeiten beim Aufbau einer neuen Regierung in Deutschland geführt. Trotz schwerer Verluste bei den Parlamentswahlen, wurde Angela Merkel für weitere vier Jahre als Bundeskanzlerin wiedergewählt. Aber die geschwächte Position der beiden traditionell größten Parteien – Angela Merkels konservativer Union aus CDU und… » read more

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