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Le parcours de Suzanne, diagnostiquée d’un cancer du sein métastatique en 2011, est loin d’avoir été idéal et devrait inspirer les décideurs politiques européens. Suzanne a été diagnostiquée d’un cancer du sein métastatique il y a six ans. Nous croyons tous que nous vivons dans une société humaine et solidaire, où les personnes atteintes d’une… » read more

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Guest blog post by Nicolas Tenzer. Tenzer is chairman of the Paris-based Centre for Study and Research for Political Decision (CERAP). Institutions of democratic transparency and judicial independence recast as a “deep state.” A ruling party determined to stand by criminally tainted figures. George Soros invoked as an insidious force fomenting political instability. That description… » read more

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Post en tant qu’invité par Thibaud Bodson, chercheur à l’Université Libre de Berlin, spécialisé en question de droit commercial et de droits de l’homme. Le 1er mars, le Président Trump a annoncé une augmentation des droits de douane sur l’ensemble des importations d’aluminium et d’acier à hauteur respectivement de 10 et 25 pourcents. Un comité… » read more

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Guest post by Cambre CEO Tom Parker. With the EU to set out its latest guidelines on the Brexit negotiations later today, much attention will be given to the negative reception to Theresa May’s pick and mix approach to accessing the single market. In particular, financial services and her dashed hopes for the City continuing… » read more

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Article published on the Atlantic Treaty Association Website: Over the years, NATO has established and adapted an agile force structure and technological infrastructure that defends Alliance member states from attack on a daily basis, writes Simon Michell In times of heightened tension, NATO can rapidly call upon the military resources of its 29 member… » read more

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En 2018, le nombre d’utilisateurs d’Internet a dépassé les 4 milliards. Quotidiennement, ce sont plus de 3,2 milliards de personnes qui se connectent au moins une fois par jour aux réseaux sociaux[1]. Au sein de l’Union européenne (UE) c’est plus de 90% de la population qui est connectée, soit environ 450 millions d’individus[2] et autant… » read more

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Using data from different social media platforms, blogs and news publications, Social Sentiment Indices powered by X-Scores (SSIX) aims to provide its customers with a set of tools they can use to assess the public sentiment towards a broad field of different topics. Such sentiment analysis can help to make well-informed decisions about e.g. investments,… » read more

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  In Sweden, the circular economy is already a reality. The REVAQ certification system, which started in 2008, recycles nutrients back to agricultural land To ensure high quality digestate from the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge in Sweden, REVAQ, a certification system, was established in 2008. REVAQ is operated by the Swedish Water & Wastewater… » read more

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Guest blog post by Stefan Rating, an expert in competition and regulatory Law at Rating Legis SLP and a former European Commission special assistant to the Director General of DG Competition. Today, the European Commission cleared a merger first announced on January 16th, 2017 and notified on August 22nd., Essilor/Luxottica (M. 8394). Unusually after a… » read more

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As anyone who has ever read this blog, or follows me on Twitter, knows, I am no fan of Theresa May or her government’s position on Brexit. So it was then not without a little surprise that I did not find myself shouting at the screen while listening to the UK Prime Minister’s latest Brexit… » read more

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