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Voting ahead

All of the people I have been speaking to in Malta so far have been telling me about how the Maltese lifestyle closely resembles the Italian one. Italian fashion, Italian food, Italian corruption and many people speak Italian as a second or third language. Italy is also one of the most likely holiday destinations for… » read more

Anyone reading some of the thousands of words in the English media, in blogs and on the net and in text messages about his 7 February speech, may be forgiven in believing that the Dr Rowan Williams, head of the Church of England, is crazy. Did he not say that the introduction of certain parts… » read more

How do you communicate the need to take urgent climate change actions when your citizens are enjoying the warmest winter in ages with temperatures which save them a lot of money in energy consumption? This was one of the interesting questions I discussed with government communicators, EU information officers and aspiring journalists during my two-day… » read more

It`s weekend in Malta! Summer has not yet arrived, but the terraces along Sliema`s main streets are animated with people. The weather is windy but sunny. Tourists try to take photos of the violent waves that throw themselves onto the shore. Some get caught in showers that splash against the rocks below the boulevard. A… » read more

Hello from Malta

Welcome to Malta, country number 16 on my list. Malta is the smallest member of the European Union and only has 400,000 inhabitants. Seven islands, three of which are inhabited, together make up the country. Malta is located South West of Sicily and mainland Africa. Capital city is Valetta which is a part of the… » read more

Italians can have vivid discussions on just about any subject, and one of the subjects that is most certainly included is food. Villages fight between each other on how to properly prepare this-and-that meal, which herbs to use and how the village next door is doing it all wrong. In a similar matter, even students… » read more

Volcanic fireworks

Catania, IT Living next to a volcano sounds like a rather risky project. Inhabitants of Catania know all about it. They live on the lower slopes of Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. Etna is in constant state of eruption, but the last time its lava streams touched the city […] Original post… » read more

Overall responsibility of an EU Member State for relations with the Union institutions and the other 26 countries lies with the foreign minister. The foreign minister of the rotating presidency is president of the Council and chairs the General Affairs Council. Official communications between other ministries and their equivalents in other Member States are channelled… » read more

UK sets example, will California be next? The UK is taking the lead in sustainable building. In 2007, new housing regulations were agreed upon and go into full force in stages over the upcoming years. The regulations stipulate that from 2016 on, all new homes in the UK will have to be zero-emission for heating,… » read more

The British “love Europe in secret. They can admit it in private, but not in public” said Reijo Kemppinen, the EU Commission’s representative in London, in an interview published today in El Pais. The article notes that Britain is “probably the most eurosceptic member of the EU”, and that Kemppinen’s job is “potentially one […]… » read more

A meeting, the other day, of the European Policy Centre ‘EU Neighbourhood Forum’ struck me for the praise reaped on the EU’s ENP (European Neighbourhood Policy) by ambassadors of partner countries, NGOs and others. The ENP has its limitations and drawbacks, but it has clearly delivered – and continues to deliver – a wide range… » read more

Every self-respecting village and city in Italy has its own Patron Saint Celebration. With at least one daily celebration taking place somewhere in Italy, it couldn`t possibly take long before I walked into one. Here I am, in Catania, Sicily. The 5th of February is dedicated to the local patron saint, known as Santa Agatha.… » read more

EU Member States should permit EU Delegations to deliver visa for non EU citizens participating in projects financed by the European Union and which requires the necessity to travel to Europe. This post was submitted by Charles Kleinermann. Original post by Charles Kleinermann

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