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An exercise could be that European citizens one day hold a big conference on how they would like the constitution of Europe to look like. They could invite all kinds of experts have debates and workgroups and in the end vote a constitution. Citizen could be randomly selected thought making sure that all kinds of… » read more

As previously mentioned on this site the European Union’s parliament is based both in Brussels and Strasbourg. To avoid working costs of the European Parliament it would be wise to have the parliament in one location. An Idea proposed once by an Italian EU affairs journalist is to use […] Original post by Danny Casteleyn

In our 27 countries, before any parliament elections, parties are issuing campaign documents, saying who they are, what they want for the country, how they intend to do it. Then people make their mind and vote accordingly. Did we ever see such a campaign going on for the European elections ? Never. Very often, these… » read more

Few people are better acquainted with EU policies regarding energy efficiency than Randall Bowie. During his 11 year career at DG Energy and Transport of the European Commission, he became one of the driving forces on energy efficiency promotion and one of the architects of the Energy End-use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive and of… » read more

Vital Report on Global Health – VRGH 2008 – You are invited to join the Initiative for Vital Report on Global Health, VRGH, which was launched at the World Health Day, April 8th, in the European Parliament, in Brussels (cf. pictures on this website) The Initiative is to conduct a systemic survey of global health… » read more

CAP must deliver environmental outcomes The CAP is the most important European policy influencing how people manage their land. Some reform of the CAP has taken place. This has decoupled payments from production, generated and increased funding for rural development measures, and introduced basic environmental standards across most farms. However wildlife habitats and the quality… » read more

System reliability and legitimacy for the release of rules governing the sector are at stake when the Commission moves to a liberalisation of the electricity transmission market, says Marcel Bial, Secretary General with UCTE, the Union for the Co-ordination of Transmission of Electricity. “There is today no legal way, no tool to enforce codes” such… » read more

There are so many articles online highlighting the global increase in the cost of basic foods such as grain, corn, rice and the knock on effect this is having on the cost of beef. People fighting to get limited stocks of bread in Egypt, parents unable to feed their families in Asia due to staples… » read more

Euro Parliamentarian Paul Rübig comments on the energy relationship that ties Russia to the EU: A pipeline is like a marriage – if you have a pipeline, both sides will in the future of course be interested in having a good relationship. The Austrian Conservative MEP, who is a member of the Parliament’s Industry and… » read more

Date: April 11, 2008 Time: 15h00 – 16h00 Europe Daylight Time (Brussels, Paris, Berlin) Moderators: Roman Targosz, Hans De Keulenaer Practical information & Registration Summary In any country, network losses are the single biggest use of electricity. In the OECD region, network losses amount for 4-10% of electricity generated. This webinar discusses the importance of… » read more

The E.U intentionally or not proved that economical development and peace go hand in hand ending ages of wars and poverty. Thought all is not perfect and to improve relations between countries and continents the E.U. could promote a new kind of diplomacy in which 19th century strategic and often nationalistic thinking is abandoned by… » read more

Exploration and Peace We have the European Space Agency a research centre is one of the example that man – womankind migrating from Africa inhabiting different continents still wants to explore. It is often hard for ESA to maintain honest research driven by curiosity and look for possible benefits space might bring us and to… » read more

In many European countries Life Long Learning programs and institutions are active (ex: Open University) it would be could that we make in Europe an exemplary continent by enhancing already existing exchange and integrating these projects and institution more profoundly with existing European Universities. In a time where it is most likely one changes jobs… » read more

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