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Here are a selection of blogs hosted by

A l’heure européenne
Le blog de la rédaction d’

AEGEE International Politics Journal
The AEGEE International Politics journal has been conceived as a means for all those in AEGEE who are interested in International Politics and willing to write articles, opinions or analysis on the subject. It is a valid instrument for improving our understanding of world issues and offers all the benefits of a mutual exchange of knowledge.

AriRusila’s BalkanPerspective
A personal perspective on events in western Balkans. Topics of interest: Serbia, Kosovo province, EU enlargement, ICO/EUSR, Eulex, UN peacekeeping operations, western Balkans, crisis management

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants’ (ACCA) Blog
ACCA is the global body for professional accountants. We aim to offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management.

At Home in Europe
Huibs EUROblogs in English, Français, Deutsch & Nederlands.

Audience des sites du domaine
Thèmes: Audience, access to documents/Registers, EU Context, LegisProcess, EU Law, publications, case law, et multilingualism

Blogactiv Director
The blog of Stuart Langridge, Director of It is used for Blogactiv announcements and traffic generation tips for bloggers.

Brian Gardner’s Blog
Commentary on European developments from the perspective of someone with a professional interest in European and international agriculture and food policy, nurtured over three decades spent in Brussels observing and analysing the development of the CAP.

Brussels Blogger
Comments on EU affairs and life in Brussels.
With over 20 year of experience in financial markets, information technology and management consulting, Bruno Simon is now fully committed to developing a comprehensive approach to carbon management issues through

CCS Wire
‘Brussels updates’ on EU strategies to accelerate the use of carbon capture & storage.

Central Europe Activ
A Central European perspective.

Climate Priorities
Climate Change: Policy, Analysis and Discussion.

Contours d’Europe
6, 9, 12, 15, 25, 27 et probablement davantage à l’avenir. L’élargissement de l’UE révèle l’intérêt que suscite le projet européen. Mais il fait également débat : Quel coût pour quels progrès économiques ? Quelles frontières pour quel projet politique ? Sur ce blog, l’équipe éditoriale d’ souhaite réagir à la question de l’élargissement en relayant les points de vue exprimés en France et les réflexions menées par les experts.

De Vancouver à Varsovie
L’élargissement, oui, mais à l’Ouest.

Democracy for Europe
The origin, purpose and future of European Democracy.

Der Nachbar
Der Nachbar bloggt zu Themen rund um die EU-Politik der Erweiterung und Nachbarschaft. Hier gibt es Infos, Diskussion und more.

Digital Civil Rights in Europe
European Digital Rights – EDRi.

Digital Rights in Bulgaria
Digital rights blog by Bogomil “Bogo” Shopov.

Dr Olga Lazin’s Blog
I am an undaunted advocate of feminist rights. Especially equal pay and sexual harassment are my domain…

Official Blog of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)

Entreprise Globale
Découvrez le nouveau think tank traitant de l’économie innovante et connectée.

Errant European
Irish, American, and Errant European, Gerald Loftus was a diplomat from 1979 to 2002, and worked in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Settled in Brussels, his blog “Avuncular American” looks at America and the world from Europe.

EU and the Turkish Cypriot Community
A blog about the interaction between EU and the community.

Eucomed blog
Improving patient and clinician access to modern, innovative and reliable medical technology.

Un lieu d’expression et d’échanges pour suivre l’évolution de l’Espace de liberté, de sécurité et de justice européen.

EurActiv Correspondent
The latest headlines from EurActiv each day.

EurActiv – Letters to the Editor
Let Europe know! Your opinion counts; send a letter to the Editor.

Eureka World of Innovation
EUREKA is a bottom-up, ‘industry-knows-best’ initiative, with a multi-local approach: national offices where the language of the local businesses is spoken and the cultural context is understood.

EurActiv Publisher Christophe Leclercq writes about EU communication and languages, the enlargement of the union and Europe’s architecture.

European Defence
25 year veteran of the military, f. writes about the evolving roles of Europe and NATO and in military and peace keeping actions.

Europe in the Americas
Europe & the Americas: Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow

European Innovation
Analysis and comments about European innovation, transformation and renewal. “The more things have to remain the same, the more things will have to change.” Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. Click here to learn

European Movement UK
Britain’s future is with Europe! Join the debate and put your opinion forward!

European Water Association
EWA is a pan-European association of Water professionals and brings together a wide range of water actors: operators, engineering companies, academics, regulators, etc. It has keen interest in taking part in EU forums that shape policy and review implementation in relation with the Water Framework Directive.

Making sense of health policy issues in the EU.

Financial Guy Writes!
Formerly in finance, now in the EU world, this is a take on politics and economics.

Finnegan’s Take
Europe, China and the rest… Gary Finnegan is an award-winning Irish-born journalist living in Brussels. He has worked as a reporter, newspaper columnist and magazine editor. His first book, Beijing for Beginners: An Irishman in the People’s Republic, was published in 2008.

Florian Pantazi
Geopolitical analysis from a widely experienced Romanian freelance journalist and founder of an NGO.

FOEE Car Fuel Efficiency Campaign
EU-wide actions for fuel-efficient cars.

Fonduri Structurale Europene si proiecte cu finantare nerambursabila!
Fonduri Structurale Europene si probleme ce apar in scrierea si implementarea de proiecte cu finantare din fonduri nerambursabile.

Francesc Morata
Reflexiones sobre la actualidad Europea i mundial por Francesc Morata profesor catedrático Jean-Monnet en la Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

Geothermania Energy Innovation Blog
Why to read us? Because we know the geothermal drilling technology of the future. We will be able to drill wells very deep, very cheap and very fast – all very soon…

Growth, jobs and more
Žiga Turk, professor, ex-minister and secretary general of the Reflection Group writes about Lisbon strategy, sustainable development, creativity, technology and other topics related to his work.

You are what you share! – my very personal i-blog.

Kader Sevinc
Kader Sevinç is the representative for the European Union of the Turkish social democratic party, the CHP, in Brussels. She writes about the future and enlargement of Europe.

Le Monde
L’Europe ? Perçue comme une zone géographique, une machine administrative, une union de 27 membres, une union de 47 membres, une utopie, l’Europe doit d’abord être une construction pour et par les citoyens. C’est pourquoi j’ai créé ce blog afin de faire connaître l’Europe (Union Européenne et Conseil de l’Europe). Questions, publications d’articles d’actualité, de réflexions sur l’avenir de l’Europe ou encore d’articles explicatifs vous êtes les bienvenus !

Lobby & Lobbyists
Lobbyiste depuis plus de 17 ans – Les opinions de ce blog ne réflétent pas celles de mes clients ou de ma société.

This blog is meant to be a place to exchange tips and information about being a lobbyist in Europe. Hopefully, it will become a virtual “market place” for lobbyists in Brussels, London or Paris willing to exchange and share information.

Master Politiques européennes – IEP de Strasbourg
Bienvenue sur le blog des étudiants du Master 2 “Politiques Européennes” de l’Institut d’Études Politiques de Strasbourg. L’objectif de cette interface est de constituer un centre de ressources sur les questions européennes. Vous y trouverez ainsi les supports de cadrage des conférences organisées par les étudiants du Master, ainsi que leurs compte-rendus respectifs ; sans oublier des informations sur les différents parcours de la formation. Vos commentaires sont les bienvenus pour nous faire part de vos remarques ou impressions… Bonne consultation !

Mathew Lowry’s Tagsmanian Devil
The European online public space, online communications, communities and the EU, semantic technologies plus whatever else catches my eye.

Meanwhile, in Europe
Some European issues. Immigration and asylum policy, social agenda and fight against organised crime.

Michael Berendt’s blog
Blogging commentary on current events from the perspective of someone who has been closely involved with the policies, the policy-makers and the whole complex network of people who make the process of European integration so exciting and absorbing.

Michal Hudec comments (not only EU) politics
Young European of Slovak nationality. Interested in politics, international relations ICT and social media.

Minorities Issues in the New Europe
This blog deals about national minorities issues and their evolution and adaptation to EU system.

Montenegro and European Union. Comments on Euro-Atlantic integration and globalization.
The only blog in English about politics of Montenegro in the globalized world. Independent views about positive and negative aspects of EU integration, NATO membership, globalisation and other local, regional and global events.

Morucci Europe Blog
Docteur en Sociologie, Emmanuel Morucci est spécialiste de la construction européenne et des organisations.

On Parr
Who regulates the regulators in the power industry?

Open Europe Blog
Open Europe is an independent think tank contributing bold new thinking to the debate about the direction of the EU.

Orgalime – The European Engineering Industries
Engineering the Future.

Osteoporosis – basic knowledge, clinical research, osteoporosis medicine and pharmaceutical.

Politics and Life
Give it a meaning – Exposing, connecting, analysing world events and trends.

Politikbeobachtungen aus Europa
Europa aus Sicht eines unabhängigen Beobachters.

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen’s Blog
I’m Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, President of the Party of European Socialists. This is where I share my ideas about European politics and tell you what I am doing during the 2009 European elections campaign.

Rado’s Blog
Europe (which is not the centre of the world, anyway).

Reims Student Ouverture
Reims Champagne-Ardenne University students combine their journalistic and analysis skills in order to propose you multi-angle topics. Welcome this fresh breeze.

I am the Director for European Affairs at Bell Pottinger Public Affairs and I have over 12 years experience in UK and EU political communications and and public affairs campaigning. I have set up “ResEuropa” ( – Latin for European Affairs) to share my insights and thoughts on what’s been happening in Brussels. Any views expressed are purely my personal opinions and you are more than welcome to agree with them.

Reuniting Europe
Georgi Gotev is senior editor of EurActiv.

Rhein on Energy and Climate
Thoughts on energy and climate, the Mediterranean and whatever comes to mind.

Sport et Citoyenneté
Le Sport au service de la société.

Spotlight on Geopolitics
A committed European of Romanian nationality, the author has acquired extensive international experience whilst living and working in Australia, Belgium, France, Greece and Spain. An historian and freelance journalist, the founder of a pro-business NGO and former executive director of a communications strategies foundation, he has published articles, commentaries and studies and now a blog.

Stanley’s blog
European of British nationality, for nearly 30 years Bruxellois. Deep believer in the principle of ’mutuality’ and Monnet’s axiom “Thought cannot be divorced from action”, equivalent to Wang Yangming’s “Zhixingheyi”.

I am an independent consultant based in Brussels, but with strategic partners throughout Europe. I have been active in Communication and European Affairs for over 10 years.

Svetoslav Apostolov’s blog
Svetoslav Apostolov is a multidisciplinary scientist, now a freelance consultant. Along with employment by various private companies in Bulgaria and Germany, his career includes a 7-year employment as a biodiversity conservation expert at the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water, during which time he took active part in the development of international environment protection legislation and policies.

The Guest Blog
For those who don’t blog… yet. Dip your toes into the European blogosphere by simply submitting your articles to this blog. Then, it will be published soon after approval and will be seen on Blogactiv and in the EU blogosphere.

The Risk Monger
David Zaruk asks difficult questions and challenges the held beliefs about topics that we think we might already the have answers to.

This blog is about the relations between Turkey and the EU. And I explain how far some french TV channels are biased regarding Turkey.

Winds of Trade
Exploring trade issues with regard to China’s growing economic influence, EU’s soft power, Africa’s place in world trade.

Zagreb/Paris/Brussels: round-trip to Europe and back
A Croatian-French political scientist’ musings about politics and society in Croatia, France, Europe and the rest of the world. The long road to European accession and the more difficult path to democracy, tolerance and civic responsibility.

Zita Gurmai’s Blog
I’m Zita Gurmai, President of PES Women. This is where I share my ideas about European politics and tell you what I am doing during the 2009 European elections campaign.

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