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Guest post by Mahama Tawat is Research Associate at the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare and Assistant Professor at the Higher School of Economics. One way Hurricane Irma is making waves these days in the US is through the revelation that about half the American population on the mainland does not… » read more

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Bizarre! Brexit is based on an advisory referendum on a bizarre question, not one that legally requires UK government action. Because it was so bizarre in failing to repair the ‘democratic deficit‘ of Brussels, many who supported remaining inside European democratic institutions did not vote!   Doubly bizarre! UK’s exit from the EU is based… » read more


It’s the culture, stupid!

Almost two weeks after the federal elections, Germans are still searching for explanations for the soar-away success of the far-right AfD (alternative für Deutschland) and the sour decline of the two main parties, the CDU and the SPD. In his remarkable speech on the occasion of the national commemoration of the German unification on October… » read more

  Posted by FEPS Fresh Thinking

Two European bodies – the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA) – currently located in London have to be relocated, following the UK’s exit from the EU in 2019. Several countries have put forward a collection of cities which could meet the needs and requirements for hosting these supranational organisations. For… » read more

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I’ve spent the last three days in Barcelona, observing the 1st October independence referendum, not in any sort of official capacity, but as an interested politics nerd. Political tourism if you like. After my fascinating trip to Scotland prior to the independence referendum there in 2014, it was obvious that seeing Catalonia’s referendum first hand… » read more

  Posted by Jon Worth Euroblog

Some 5.3 million registered Kurdish voters headed to the polls on Monday 25th Sep. 2017 to decide in a referendum vote whether they want to become an independent nation-state. Three northern Iraqi provinces — Erbil, Duhok and Sulaymaniyah – comprise the parliamentary democracy governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq. The referendum took place… » read more

  Posted by AriRusila's Conflicts

Key MEPs Elmar Brok and Mercedes Bresso, top practitioners and academics led a discussion on the future of media cooperation and innovation this September 26th within the EURACTIV Brussels Network Office Extensive interviews and meetings with publishers, editors, and MEPs from across Europe made clear: there is strong demand for media cooperation and exchanges under… » read more

  Posted by Media4EU

The informal Tallinn Digital Summit is taking place in the Estonian capital city today, Thursday 27th September and tomorrow, gathering 27 European heads of state or government. The Summit has been organized by the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, working alongside the European Commission to prepare the numerous topics of discussion.… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

Brussels, 27th September 2017. – The Future of EU Finances has been taking shape in front of our eyes. After carefully listening to what was officially presented on behalf of the Commission about the Future of EU Finances, I tried to identify 6 guiding principles which I think will shape and shake the post 2020… » read more

  Posted by My European Civil Voice - Zoltán Massay-Kosubek @EU_ZMK

La Catalogne est à nouveau le centre de l’attention pour ses volontés indépendantistes lorsque le 7 septembre le Parlement catalan a voté en faveur de la mise en place d’un référendum. La question de celui-ci serait « Voulez-vous que la Catalogne soit un État indépendant sous forme d’une République ? ». Cela ravive les débats… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

Ramush Haradinaj, former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and soon to be Prime Minister reached a coalition agreement last week. Resulting from the snap legislative elections organized on June 12th that followed the motion of censure against Isa Mustafa’s government (who was president of the LDK), it appeared that Haradinaj’s so-called “Warriors Coalition”… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

  Any independent Catalan state would undoubtedly find itself outside the European Union. This has now been determined beyond doubt and it is important that the Catalans know it. We have a statement by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that unequivocally places Catalonia outside the organisation. Mr Juncker said that an independent Catalonia would have… » read more

  Posted by Drazen Simic

By Sabrina Huck, Political Consultant The UK has the Queen’s speech – the European Union has the annual State of the Union address. Delivered by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker’s performance might be lacking pomp and circumstance in comparison to the State Opening of Parliament, but it serves a similar purpose in… » read more

  Posted by The Whitehouse Consultancy

After the introduction of the Brexit Bill – or ‘Great Repeal Bill’ – in the UK Parliament earlier this year, great debates and tensions have risen between the walls of the House of Commons. Last night, it escalated into a late-night debate, and eventually into the MPs’ decision to predominantly vote for the ‘Repeal Bill’.… » read more

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