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On the 30th of September, the 1989 Generation Initiative held a roundtable at the LSE, drawing together a mix of students and EU professionals to discuss the State of the Union delivered by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and the recent Bratislava Declaration. Participants were asked to respond directly to both before suggesting… » read more

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Members of the European Parliament are currently discussing the latest development in Syria at the European Parliament (after the failed US-Russia attempts to revive the ceasefire followed by the Russian-backed Syrian government offensive against Aleppo). Ivan Korčok, speaking on behalf of Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign affairs chief, argued that Aleppo was the « biggest… » read more

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By Niall Lane This isn’t a pro-NATO/pro-EU army head-to-head; it’s a three-way fight between Atlanticists, Continentalists, and those that don’t want to be fighting in the first place.   The sun appears to be setting on the UK-EU partnership (although when the light will finally be extinguished is anybody’s guess), and the union is trying… » read more

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Last Wednesday, the Council gave its final approval on the creation of a European Border and Coast Guard. The regulation grants additional powers to the agency formerly known as Frontex. This development highlights the contemporary relevance of an earlier TARN-blog by CERiM co-director Ellen Vos. In her blog, she discusses the agencies’ constitutionality and the… » read more

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In July 2015, the European Union officially became a full member of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the main international instrument to protect endangered plants and animals from unsustainable trade. The next CITES Conference of the Parties (CoP 17) is approaching fast. It will take place… » read more

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Guest blog post by Elisa Lironi, Digital Democracy Manager, European Citizen Action Service On Wednesday 14 September, President Juncker delivered the State of the Union Address 2016: Towards a better Europe – a Europe that protects, empowers and defends. As I work for a European association with 25 years’ experience in empowering citizens to exercise… » read more

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10 myths about press publishers

Guest blog post by Angela Mills Wade, Executive Director, European Publishers Council. This week, the Commission is publishing a copyright reform package containing draft legal texts and an overarching Communication including a related right for press publishers. This new right aims to provide legal protection by introducing rights at EU level to protect the unauthorised… » read more

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Article publié sur Le soir en ligne du 8 septembre 2016 ! La décision prise par la Commission d’exiger d’Apple le versement de € 13 milliards à l’Irlande au motif que l’exonération d’impôts dont la société a bénéficié constitue une « aide d’Etat » illégale faussant la concurrence, ainsi que celle de Caterpillar de fermer… » read more

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What is the Problem? The issue of false (also called bogus) self-employment has jumped in the forefront of debate among European policy makers, and is included as a priority of the new EU Platform to Tackle Undeclared Work. Concerns have emerged about the potential exploitation of low-paid, low-skilled vulnerable self-employed workers, mostly those operating in… » read more

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Michael O’Leary, CEO de Ryanair, a donné son avis vis-à-vis de l’affaire Apple et la taxe de 13 milliards d’euros. Le public aurait tort néanmoins de n’y voir qu’une simple rodomontade, car la compagnie la plus profitable d’Europe peut tout aussi bien être menacée par une montée des charges. Michael O’Leary n’a jamais eu les… » read more

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Over eight months, more than 250 days without a government. Two general elections, two failed investiture sessions, four rounds of negotiations with the King…the list goes on but the main result has not budged since the last 20th December. What has changed? Mostly, pressure on political leaders from all angles increases on a daily basis:… » read more

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L ’enquête a été menée dans 23 pays et révèle qu’en Europe, l’immigration est rarement considérée par les sondés comme un apport pour le pays d’accueil. « Global view on immigration » : la vague d’août du Global @dvisor montre une crispation de l’opinion publique sur les questions d’immigration commune à tous les pays. Le… » read more

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