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Nigel Farage’s decision to end his leadership of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is the latest aftershock of the political earthquake triggered by the Brexit referendum’s outcome. As the Eurosceptics’ victory threatens to disintegrate not only the European Union, but also the United Kingdom itself, even the Leave campaign’s most prominent figures are unwilling to… » read more

  Posted by europainmundo

Britain has voted to leave the EU and this is seemingly irreversible. But the million-dollar question is what should come next. The result of the referendum was tight. This is particularly unfair on the young and on the people in major urban centres who have overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU. It furthermore seems… » read more

  Posted by Drazen Simic

Guest blog post by Saskia Ozinga. For many living in the UK but feeling European, the UK’s referendum verdict was a great shock. The vote split across political parties and the traditional left and right allegiances. Those who believe that their lives are hampered by ‘foreign influences’ were united against the EU as a common… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Guest blog post by K. T. Winther. 1. Freedom and Power The transition from Stone Age to a modern high-tech society is a result of human innovation, and future improvements in our standard of living will depend on continued innovation. But all too often that progress is hindered by the societies and social structures created.… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Own goals can play a critical part in football. Northern Ireland has just been knocked out of the Euro 2016 tournament by Wales; the only goal was an own goal. I suspect there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the dressing room afterwards. The UK has, however, scored the own goal to end… » read more

  Posted by Peter Bye

Well, It happened. Sort of. Did it really? Or let me rephrase that: does it have to? I am about to argue that Brexit is not still a done deal and that British politicians have opportunities to laugh nervously and pretend it didn’t happen to begin with. I’m about to argue that this is precisely… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

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