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Guest blog post by Alexander Kneepkens, Senior Account Manager at Cicero Group. The people have spoken; Brexit means Brexit. Oh wait, wrong result. The Dutch voters have voted for pro-European parties, giving the European ship the first nudge away from a populist uprising and the predicted demise of the European Union. Yes, Wilders’ anti-EU populist… » read more

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By Chenoa Geerts, Associate Political Consultant The Netherlands. Known for its windmills, tulips and “Netherlands Second” plea, this week it’s attracted international attention to its parliamentary elections. After a turbulent 12 months in which the UK voted for Brexit and Donald Trump was elected US President, the question was whether the populist trend would continue… » read more

  Posted by The Whitehouse Consultancy

The UK might be in a weak position to get itself a favorable deal out of the Brexit negotiations. From the European side things won’t likely become easier with the duration of the negotiations. Inter-institutional relations might come under increased pressure and intra-institutional coordination could come under increased demand for democratic intervention. One of the… » read more

  Posted by Antonius Voluptarius

Guest post by Jo Antoons, Partner, and Andreia Ghimis, EU Legal Affairs Specialist, Fragomen. On January 17, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, gave a speech explaining what she and her team understand ‘Brexit means Brexit’ is to be in fact. She took a strong stance, highlighting that her government prefers losing access to the… » read more

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The possibility that the efforts of the UK to leave the European Union (“Brexit”) could be undermined by their unelected upper Chamber (the House of Lords) is indicative of the problems of the European Union itself. The power wielded by the unelected British Lords perhaps reflects the power of the mostly unelected (directly) “Eurocrats” that… » read more

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2016 was a year that sent shockwaves through the Western world. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Britain voted to leave the European Union. All amidst a backdrop of terrorist attacks across Europe. 2017 could very well provide new shocks, with elections coming up in the Czech Republic, Germany, France and the… » read more

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Still stumbling towards the exit Running out of patience with British politicians? In my latest article on all things Brexit (9 February) I explain why the Westminster parliament and parties find themselves split and emasculated – and have only themselves to blame. I have precious little sympathy for those Remainers who voted blithely to promote… » read more

  Posted by Andrew Duff - On Governing Europe

Not so free trade?

Britain’s splendid, free-booting, liberal traders, now leading the UK into the economic wild blue yonder, believe that most of the world’s trading nations will be queuing up to sign lots of lovely, lucrative trade deals as the country breaks away from the European Union. They are in for a nasty shock. Most obviously, most of… » read more

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Going backwards from Brexit

“Have you gone mad?”, is the most frequent question from mainland European friends on the sore-vexed issue of Britain’s Gadarene flight from Europe. They are of course not questioning my sanity, but that of the thirty-seven per cent of the British electorate who voted on June 23 to leave the European Union. For without a… » read more

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