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Over the last decades, Cyprus has evolved from an aid recipient to an aid donor country helping those most in need in the developing world. However, despite getting off to a good start, going above and beyond its overseas aid target for 2010, Cyprus is now falling behind on its commitments. We hope it gets […]

Le 22 juin 2012 : Sporsora innove et propose à ses membres de s’engager à signer la Charte duPartenariat Sportif Durable lors de son assemblée générale. L’Association des acteurs de l’économie du sport inscrit dans ses missions la promotion d’une communauté responsable en élaborant et en mettant en oeuvre des pratiques loyales et éthiques.Concernant l’enjeu […]

Sweden Fossil free?

A new report “Time to choose the energy system of the future” from the most influence Environment NGO – The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) shows that it is possible to meet Sweden’s electricity needs in 2030 with 100 percent renewables, and it becomes even possible to export electricity. Not least the past year […]

It’s worrying me that it is so difficult to build understanding between national governments. We are all developing nations and need to understand how conditions are different depending on where we live on our planet. Mayors in cities seem to have a better capacity than nations themselves to create strong networks that support sustainable development […]

The Commission gives millions to environmental NGOs so they can participate in stakeholder dialogue and add value to the EU environmental policy debate. If none of them bother to show up for Green Week, shouldn’t we rethink this?

Cancel Rio+20

The UN’s Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference is promising to be an entirely politicised, misguided event already hijacked by the eco-activists, certain to achieve nothing and cause great environmental destruction in the process. Cancel it!

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