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“Après 30 ans d’affirmation de sa nécessité et face aux drames qui touchent les immigrants en Méditerranée, le moment est venu de relancer l’idée de création d’un corps européen de garde-côtes.” Une pétition sera proposée le 9 mai sur le village européen à Brest pour la Journée de l’Europe. L’idée avait germé à Brest, au… » read more

  Posted by Morucci Europe Blog

Five days before the official visit of Greek PM Alexis Tsipras to Moscow and the long-awaited meeting with President Putin, European and international media start (again) criticizing the rapprochement between the two countries. The Guardian and Natalie Nougayrede published today a fiercely ironic OpEd, under the alarming title “Tsipras risks to become Putin’s useful idiot”.… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

  Two leading political figures of the Syriza government have gathered the attention of domestic and global media for visiting Moscow and Beijing respectively. Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis and Vice President of the government Yiannis Dragasakis are endeavoring to broaden and deepen bilateral relations with Russia and China in a truly unsteady European geopolitical and economic… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

The genie of political anti-imperialist rebellion in Europe is out of the bottle & cannot be repressed. Last month I wrote a BFP exclusive report on the upcoming presidential elections in Croatia and Greece. I claimed that in each of these elections there were political candidates and options taking a clear stand of resistance to […]

It almost went unnoticed in today”s hearing of Johannes Hahn, Commissioner-designate for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, in front of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs commitee. But a little sentence will surely make for further discussion. In the fade out of one of his many statements on the challenges in Bosnia, Mr Hahn said, that the […]

Phenomenon of Crimean election

Russian President has signed a federal law about election to the Crimean State Council and to Sevastopol Legislative Assembly, which would take place on September 14. Ukraine has already called these election as illegal and warned coordinatiors to be under criminal prosecution. Due to high represive activity of russian law enforcement agencies agains those who […]

RSA Early Career Grant Scheme Who is it for? This award is open to single applicants in their early career (five years maximum between the date showing on the certificate and the application deadline). Applicants must be based within an eligible higher education institution (HEI) and must be a current, early career member of the Regional […]

During the trial period, the Voluntary Help Service has as assisted 11 people with disabilities in finding a volunteer to accompany them to different activities and engage in social relations. Currently many more are on waiting list, interested in finding a volunteer to match their needs. Luckily resent initiatives to attract more volunteers are beginning […]

Στις απερχόμενες ευρωεκλογές 2014, η Ευρωπαική Αριστερά κατάφερε να ανεβάσει τα ποσοστά της σε σχέση με τα υπόλοιπα ευρωπαικά κόμματα. Δεδομένου ότι ο αριθμός των εδρών στο Ευρωπαικό Κοινοβούλιο μειώθηκαν με τη συνθήκη της Λισαβώνας, από 766 σε 751, η Ευρωπαική Αριστερά κατέλαβε με ποσοστό 5,99 % 45 έδρες, όταν η δύναμη των υπολοίπων κομμάτων […]

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