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De toutes les communautés russophones vivant à l’étranger, les plus importantes numériquement sont celles d’Estonie (31 % de la population), de Lettonie (34 %) et du Kazakhstan (38 %). En 1991, lors de la restauration de l’indépendance en l’Estonie, un habitant sur trois avait des racines russes. Cette présence importante d’une population d’origine russe –… » read more

  Posted by Carolina García Hervás

Audio Version   It is increasingly apparent that the way cosmopolitanism is conceptualised is neither a productive ideal for cosmopolitans, nor particularly accurate to describe the phenomenon. Since cosmopolitanism and transnationalism share qualities, cosmopolitanism should interest the EU, even if there is clear evidence that, in the purest sense, it does not. Traditionally, we view… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

Michèle Finck, University of Oxford Next month, voters in Luxembourg will have to participate in a referendum (voting is mandatory in Luxembourg) that raises three different questions, among which is the following: do you agree that those residents that are not Luxembourg nationals should be entitled to participate in national legislative elections under the condition… » read more

  Posted by ACELG

Folkemødet, Denmark’s annual political festival, brings together politicians, the press, business leaders and advocacy organisations with the public, for four days. This year, it will be invaded by European extremists. Held on the island of Bornholm, and inspired by a Swedish tradition, the June festival is meant to be an informal gathering, which, apart from… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

A Bulgarian painter informs Heard in Europe he was warned nude paintings could not be exposed to the European Parliament, so he over-painted bras and slips to mask the private parts of his male and female figures. Valchan Petrov, a famous Bulgarian painter, told Nova TV on Thursday (14 May) that a commission tasked to… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

These days, the People’s Republic of China and the European Union celebrate the 40th anniversary of their relationship. Given the age of 40, one could assume that the relationship has indeed ‘grown up’ by now. But has it, really? Here are three indicators supporting this view and three against it: China established diplomatic relations in… » read more

  Posted by EUChinaBetween

In recent years social scientists and policy makers have thought about the major objectives of socio-economic policy and come to the conclusion that the maximisation of per capita income should not be the only objective to be pursued. In 2012/13 the UN “Sustainable Development Solutions Network” has come up with the idea of measuring citizens`… » read more

  Posted by Rhein on Energy and Climate

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