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Source: EUROPA – Press Releases – Stratégie numérique: la Commission lance une consultation sur un accès plus ouvert aux informations scientifiques Bruxelles, le 15 juillet 2011 – Une consultation publique concernant l’accès aux informations scientifiques numériques et leur conservation…

C’est au moment où la Commission entreprend l’évaluation de sa stratégie numérique que l’Union européenne des aveugles (EBU) lance une campagne européenne appelant à légiférer pour rendre les sites web accessibles malvoyants. 447 députés européens ont signé une déclaration écrite en ce sens. L’EBU souligne que l’information est de plus en plus disponible en ligne […]

Digital Maginot Line

As has been noted by other commentators, the French government has a problem with the internet, and endeavours to stave off its impact with ill-timed, and ill-thought out regulation. Of course, as a national government, they can try to build a digital Maginot line around France; they’re always doing that and as Santayana said, having […]

Irish health services have been slow to embrace technology and need to mobilise its staff to catch up Electronic patient records, access to specialist services from home, and more efficient use of scarce resources are just some of the much-vaunted benefits touted by advocates of e-health. But while technology has transformed most industries and public […]

Myths have always been an essential part of the institution of society. There has never been a society without myths, there have never existed humans without unreal stories and fairy tales. Myths are to a large extend the driving forces of individual actions and certainly are the means through which collective bonds and identities are […]

President of DIGITALEUROPE, Dr Erkki Ormala, writes about the European Digital Agenda for neurope: Europe is at a cross road. In the climate of a continuing fiscal crisis most of our energy is focused on short-term fiscal consolidation. This issue must be resolved in an appropriate way to restore macroeconomic stability which ultimately is a […]

As a regular user of internet services as well as a content provider, I was very interested in last week’s e-G8 summit. The idea of bringing together the chieftains of the internet industry and the world’s most powerful political leaders seems a step in the right direction. The internet as a platform and applications such […]

Over the last months the social conditions in the Arab world and in Europe have forced people to go out on the streets to express their frustration, their indignation, to all things that deprive them of a better life. Within this period we have witnessed the birth of cyber-activism; activism that occurs on the internet, […]

Le déve­­lop­­pe­­ment dura­­ble est le plus grand enjeu de civi­­li­­sa­­tion de notre siè­­cle et pos­­sède en France un fon­­de­­ment de valeur cons­­ti­­tu­­tion­­nelle pour la défi­­ni­­tion et la mise en œuvre des poli­­ti­­ques publi­­ques. Sa prise en compte est désor­­mais une néces­­sité qui s’appli­­que à tou­­tes les déci­­sions. Le sport n’échappe pas à cette réflexion et […]

Chronique du 4/05/11 Aimez-vous l’Europe ? Telle est la question posée par le think tank dirigé par Dominique Reynier de la Fondation pour l’Innovation politique et le ministère des Affaires européennes. La démarche a lieu dans le cadre d’un sondage qui sera dévoilé le 9 mai au matin à l’occasion de la Journée de l’Europe. […]

Dear President Barroso and Presidents of European institutions, Today 18 April 2011 marks the sixtieth Anniversary of the foundation of European Democracy. It is also the Birthday of the Commission although the Commission together with the other institutions that were also created that day refuse to acknowledge it. Not even a press release was published.

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