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Guest blog post by Jennifer Baker, reporting from the SWITCH, the largest, open and free ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltic region. Blockchain could make Lithuania the world’s newest fintech hub says MEP Antanas Guoga, but while the potential is there, it won’t happen without great efforts in promoting the technology, education, and some… » read more

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The digital world offers unprecedented opportunities, especially from an automotive perspective. Today’s vehicles are increasingly ‘connected’ – data is wirelessly exchanged between vehicles, the infrastructure surrounding them and service providers. Tomorrow’s vehicles will be automated and autonomous, capable of sensing their environment and navigating through cities without human input. Undoubtedly, these advances will increase comfort… » read more

  Posted by Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

Since this Monday, Mariya Gabriel, the new digital commissioner appointed last July, launched the first measure of her mandate: a public consultation on “fake news” and misinformation online. The term “fake news”, popularized by Donald Trump, refers to the spread of false information in the media. Writers are often anonymous, making it difficult to sue… » read more

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AEGEE Election Observation deployed 21 Short-Term Observers (STOs) of 12 nationalities to Germany to assess youth participation in the German Federal legislative election. The STOs arrived in Berlin on 20 September. On 21 and 22 September, the mission held meetings with national authorities and stakeholders in the field of youth participation. On election day, STOs… » read more

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Guest post by Paolo Battiston, Executive Vice President Digital Payments & Labs Europe, Mastercard The 4th industrial revolution is here. And it is digital. Unlike any other time in recent history, society is witnessing an intense interest in digital transformation. What is changing is nothing less than how consumers interact: with their families, friends, communities… » read more

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For a couple of years now, a lot has been heard about how the European Union was sanctioning both Tech giants from the Silicon Valley and European Union member states which did not compel these companies to pay overdue corporate taxes back to them. More precisely, these cases have mainly been undertaken since Margrethe Vestager,… » read more

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In recent years cloud storage such as Dropbox or Drive is gaining popularity across different industries principally for its affordability given the excellent performance offered. Within this domain, also cloud databases are now challenging well-established solutions deployed on site. Regarding big-data analytics, cloud databases are now starting to play a crucial role. According to a… » read more

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Crowdsourcing is a problem solving approach that uses the power of the crowd to perform certain tasks. Usually a task is divided into small parts also known as ’microtasks’. These are processed by one or more individual crowdworkers. Crowdsourcing is used in various areas of research like linguistics, astronomy and genetic genealogy. In recent years… » read more

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After years of almost unimpeded rise, wood’s reputation is coming under fire, as increasing numbers of experts are questioning the overall carbon footprint of wood and timber. In February of 2017, the Times published an article about the Drax power plant, in North Yorkshire, and its financial modus operandi. “Britain is more reliant on biomass,… » read more

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Data is not the new Oil

Guest post by Jakob Kucharczyk, Director of Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) Europe   It’s not entirely clear who first coined the term “data is the new oil”. But as people scrambled to explain data as the ‘new something’ – the new currency, the new coal, the new gold, and even the new bacon… » read more

by Sandra Cabrera Alvarado Growing rise in Euroscepticism among its citizens, threaten by rising tides of economic instability, troubling nationalism, security concerns and political uncertainty both within the region and internationally; the European Union (EU) finds itself at the crossroads. As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Rome treaty, EU institutions must resolve to… » read more

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