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  When speaking on food issues, I sometimes poll participants with questions like how many would buy a black banana. Only a few, usually those suspicious of me, would raise their hands. Even though we know that a banana is at its most nutritious when it turns black, we resist this rationality and follow the… » read more

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  The Risk-Monger spent the day on a large Belgian farm having the opportunity to see the challenges and opportunities farmers are presently facing. I was able to tour the fields and barns, hear how they are trying to address sustainability questions. I was impressed but I could not help thinking how the idealists (those… » read more

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Europeans are not active enough. Most are in fact couch potatoes. Researchers say this affects the European economy negatively (surprise!). People are less productive at work, they have more sick days, they risk getting diseases that need expensive treatment, etc.

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  There are two toxic pesticides: Rotenone and Azadirachtin, that need to be banned in order to ensure the safety of humans, bees and the environment. There is insufficient data on either of these toxins yet they are tolerated on American and European markets merely because they are natural bio-pesticides used by organic farmers. A… » read more

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Kathleen Garnett “…. one of the key challenges as a legislator is to know how to make laws and regulate in the face of emerging technologies in situations where science appears to be questioned by either deeply-rooted conservative groups, societal opposition or for any other reason.” Arūnas Vinčiūnas, Head of Cabinet to Health Commissioner Vytenis… » read more

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  Dear Kumi, I know you are a person who wishes to portray a resolute strength of character, whether it is in your friendship with Nelson Mandela or your struggle against apartheid (from Oxford) or your taking over the leadership of Greenpeace at this important turning point in the organisation’s history. But history will judge… » read more

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  From the time I was young, I was taught that labelling was bad. It was a means to restrict, pigeon-hole and limit someone or something. Labels were stigmatising and undesired. At the same time, labels were informative – it helped those intellectually challenged (most of us) to understand and take decisions (and for risk… » read more

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During the last 10 years the EU has been involved in patient legislative procedure to reduce the health risks from smoking. In April 2014 it has approved the second “Tobacco Directive” which member states have to transpose into national legislation within two years. The basic objective of the Directive is to make tobacco products less… » read more

  Posted by Rhein on Energy and Climate

Guest blogpost by Béatrice Tardieu, Senior Director for Communication & Public Affairs at Janssen, a pharmaceutical company, which is part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. Every year, Cancer claims over 7 million lives. It’s a staggering number, and one that will only get worse. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that annual… » read more

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When an industry lobbies to defend its market or interest, that is a normal part of the policy dialogue mechanism. When an industry lobbies to undermine trust in its competition, then we should have serious ethical questions about how that industry monitors its practices. When an industry knowingly spreads lies, or encourages others to do… » read more

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  There are many interpretations of precaution used in policy debates today. But how is it that environmentalists can switch from one incantation to another without realising that they are contradicting other issues that they themselves are campaigning on. The Risk-Monger has never hidden his views that the precautionary principle is a tool used to… » read more

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This spring the European Union launched a special consultation project dedicated to exploring the potential of science and innovation in ensuring a safe, sufficient, nutritious and sustainable food not only in Europe, but all over the world. This topic is closely related to the theme of this year’s Universal Exhibition called Expo Milano 2015 with… » read more

  Posted by wzory

  May is parade month in Brussels, but one cannot help but already notice the impressive parade of stupid marching through this town, and nowhere more can this be better exemplified than in the activism surrounding bee health and neonicotinoid pesticides. For much of the last four years, campaigners have been falling over themselves using… » read more

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