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Guest blog post by Geoffrey Van Orden is Vice-Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR). Today, the relationship between Israel and our European nations and the EU could not be more important. When conflicts in Europe’s southern neighbourhoods are contributing to the flood of refugees on its shores and terrorist attacks in its cities,… » read more

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Guest blog post by Pierre Baussand, Director of Social Platform, the largest civil society alliance fighting for social justice. The European Commission is considering whether to revise the EU Facilitation Directive, which allows Member States to criminalise organisations and individuals for offering humanitarian assistance to migrants and refugees. The decision presents a test on the… » read more

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by Hilary Jeune Public services like health and education are one of the strongest weapons in the fight against inequality. They benefit everyone in society, but the poorest most of all. This is being recognised by the European Commission in its proposal for a new framework for EU development policy, which puts an emphasis on… » read more

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The COP22 meeting in Marrakesh has recently drawn to its close. Delegates from the UNFCCC participating countries have been tirelessly debating the best possible ways of implementing the Paris Agreement in a timely and efficient manner, trying to make sure it delivers on its hopeful promises. At the same time, however, a very imminent threat… » read more

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Reuters image The end of hate-filled, totalitarian “liberalism” began with Netanyahu, spread to the US, and will continue to Europe During the March 2015 election campaign in Israel, the polls predicted a dead heat between the right leaning Likud and the left leaning Zionist Union. Likud won by a wide margin. During the June 2016… » read more

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by Hilary Jeune Last year, the world has agreed on a massive plan to achieve sustainable development by 2030, and the EU is currently discussing its implementation, starting today with European development ministers meeting in Brussels. One element in the EU strategy: the new External Investment Plan. The idea behind this is to use public… » read more

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Guest blog post by John Dale Grover is a Young Voices Advocate and M.S. in Conflict Analysis Resolution candidate at George Mason University. The election of Donald Trump does not bode well for embattled Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Speaking to reporters, Poroshenko downplayed concerns that Trump is too cosy with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, saying… » read more

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Genval, 27 November 2016 – The author, who is Policy Coordinator at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) argues that trade liberalisation policy can both support public health goals and undermine them. The potential for economic growth and higher incomes enable wider access to healthier lifestyles, while increased availability of cheaper processed foods, tobacco and… » read more

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On April 6th, Dutch voters were invited to vote on the following question: „Are you for or against the Approval Act of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine?”. Despite the nebulous tone of the question and the surprising choice of topic for a direct consultation, as confirmed by the low voter turnout… » read more

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China has always been a strong supporter of European integration but since the beginning of the relationship in the 1970s, EU-China relations face the challenge of combining principles and pragmatism. In an era of uncertainty, this relationship can be a source of stability. The origins of this remarkably consistent positioning on the international stage started… » read more

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Boeing’s history with Europe goes back to Wilhelm Böing, father of company founder Bill Boeing, who was born in Hohenlimburg, Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1868. In 1916, Bill Boeing established a company that has become the world’s leading aviation and aerospace enterprise and a global industry icon. A European heritage and… » read more

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United Against Rape

European civil society calls for action against the Turkish government’s recent bill that would release prisoners convicted of sexual assault of minors, if they marry their victims. In the light of recent events and concerning news arriving from the state of democracy and respect of fundamental human rights in Turkey, AEGEE-Europe and the European Youth… » read more

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