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L’Initiative Citoyenne Européenne (ICE) est entrée en vigueur lundi 1er avril 2012. Organisée par le Comité Economique et Social Européen (CESE) et le Comité des Régions (CdR), la conférence sonnait comme une dernière mise au point avant son lancement. Elle permettait également aux deux comités consultatifs de l’Union Européenne (UE) d’éclairer leurs rôles dans la […]

April fools

On Fools day, EurActiv published a spoof titled “Belgians submit Citizens’ Initative to make ‘frites’ their own“. It was EurActiv Publisher Christophe Leclercq’s idea to highlight by an April spoof the European Citizen Initiative, officially launched on the same day 1 April. The story was realistically written by my distinguished colleague Frédéric Simon. Too realistically […]

Guest Post by Dan Luca When it comes to involve and engage citizens in the decision-making process on a European level, there is confusion about terminology. Some see “asking the interested citizens what they prefer” as active public participation. It is not: “asking the interested citizen” falls under consultation. Consultation is a top-down professional or […]

Le 26 janvier s’est tenue à Bruxelles un conférence préparatoire au lancement. Elle marque une étape décisive dans les derniers préparatifs consacrés à l’initiative citoyenne européenne (ICE). Parmi les intervenants, citons le vice-président de la Commission européenne et responsable de cette initiative, M. Maroš Šefčovič, le ministre danois des affaires européennes, M. Nicolai Wammen, des […]

The European eDemocracy Award is a well-established and international annual award prepared and coordinated by Fondation EurActiv PoliTech in the framework of the World eGov Forum, organised by André Santini, former Minister, Deputy of Hauts-de-Seine, Mayor of Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. The European eDemocracy Award 2011 will take place at Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) on 10-12 October 2011 and […]

Join the debate at the bottom of this post ! Last Wednesday, hosted its 1st BlogActiv Bloggers Café bringing together around 30 EU bloggers and European Citizens’ Initiative stakeholders. This Bloggers Café presented the audience new design and the Online Debate on “Stakeholders’ Community to Federate European Citizens’ Initiatives” in partnership with The debate around the European […]

Join the debate here ! Mr. Jahier, President of Group III, launched the initiative to organise a seminar on the European Citizens’ Initiative, the most innovative and concrete transnational tool of the Lisbon Treaty. He stated that this seminar offered the possibility to bring together forty participants from outside the “Schuman box”. Coming from nineteen European countries and representing […]

I am Just a Citizen

Like many in Brussels involved in policy debates, I rolled my eyes when I had learnt about the inclusion of a Citizens’ Initiative section in the Lisbon Treaty. Perhaps it was my well-honed, smug, academic elitism, but I had visions of hordes of the great unwashed coming to Brussels to clog up policy processes with… » read more

Regarding ‘EU institutions close in on citizens’ petitions‘: While publicly EU decision-makers congratulate themselves for delivering a consensus regulation on the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), privately they are ensuring the ECI can never actually be used. As your article noted, a few changes to the European Commission’s initial proposal have made the ECI regulation simpler.… » read more

Belgium last week took one step closer to becoming the first European country to outlaw the burqa, the Islamic veils that completely hide a woman’s face. Over the week-end, MEP Silvana Koch-Mehrin (ALDE, Germany) called for a Europe-wide ban on the burqa because covering women, as she said, “openly supports values that we do […]

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