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Starting my first blog, I would like to mention a couple words about myself. My name is Ivan Semenovych Matiyeshyn. I am a successful businessman. I work in the energy sphere, in particular in the area of drilling, development, arrangement and capital repair of oil and gas wells on the territory of the CIS states. […]

Ukrainian Foundation for Democracy “People First” starts its cooperation with “EurActiv” beginning with September, 2011. We are opening an additional unprejudiced channel of information for the European audience concerning Ukraine, its internal development, the level of democratization, the process of approaching the European standards, analysis of economy sectors and foreign and security policy. We won’t […]

Commission’s President Jose Manuel Barroso listed EU’s priorities for the Autumn. In particular he stressed on the need of Union’s help for Libya – „country emerging from 42 years of dictatorship into what we must all ensure is a bright, democratic future”, Barroso said in his video message. Of course, Libya is very important. Hopefully, […]

Just a few weeks ago, the main intrigue of Mrs. Tymoshenko trial was whether Ukrainian president Yanukovych will decide on her arrest or she would remain on freedom to the end of trial. Frankly, arrest looked improbable, as well as further jailing, including through unanimous position of the European Union, USA and other western democracies. […]

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