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Guest blog post by Frank Engel MEP Frank Engel (1975) is a Member of the European Parliament from Luxembourg (EPP), and the Vice-Chair of the Delegation for the relations with the People’s Republic of China. He is also the Honorary Consul of Armenia to Luxembourg, and co-author of the book “Europe’s Next Avoidable War: Nagorno-Karabakh”.… » read more

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Ahead of a referendum in the Netherlands on the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, Olexi Pasyuk from the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine discusses the agreement’s importance for Ukraine’s civil society and why Europe must still improve how it engages with the country. by Olexi Pasyuk, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog. (The… » read more

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Guest blog post by Leo Watson, freelance writer.   Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has stated that Poland will not take any refugees, a day after the terror attacks on Brussels. In January, Szydlo announced that 400 refugees would be accepted by Poland, but has now gone back on that decision. Szydlo did not cite security… » read more

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Current EU support is not just a distraction from the energy path Ukraine needs to take, it also puts countless communities in Ukraine and abroad at risk. by Iryna Holovko, Ukrainian campaigner for Bankwatch (cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog) European decision makers had good intentions, but in their efforts to help ensure Ukraine’s energy security,… » read more

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Leaders across the continent have made it one of their priorities to move towards greater energy independence for the European Union. But who is the driving force here: The EU or its individual member states? Two interconnected factors which are essential to the issue may help us explore this question: Energy infrastructure and Geopolitics. Infrastructure… » read more

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Guest blog post by MONICA FRASSONI A cold wet wind is on us and on the soaked policemen, who in front of the makeshift barrier prevent our delegation of MEPs and Turkish ecologists to enter Derik a Kurdish village 70 km from Dijarbakir. Derik is the last on the list of locations suffering an amazing… » read more

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An energy scenario that could prove a valuable lesson for Europe is playing out on its borders. Before Russian-Turkish relations tanked in November of 2015 over the Turks’ downing of a Russian warplane in Turkish airspace, Russia had provided Turkey with half its natural gas. Now Turkey is scrambling to come up with alternative suppliers,… » read more

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‘I wish to separate from as many Palestinians as possible, as quickly as possible.’ (Isaac Herzog ) The failure to reach an agreement to Israel-Palestine conflict during last two decades has destroyed the belief within the respective societies that an agreement is possible in the foreseeable future. With this history the only conclusion to solve… » read more

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The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) review released in mid-November 2015 has defined a new overarching goal for the EU – ‘stabilising the neighbourhood’. Does this shift in objectives signal a new era for the EU’s relations with its neighbours? Will the ‘new’ ENP become more political, more strategic and more impactful after its failure to… » read more

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