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Guest blog post by Ann Cairns, President International for Mastercard, responsible for the management of all markets and customer-related activities outside North America. For too long financial inclusion has been considered an issue which mainly affects the developing world. In fact, according to recent Mastercard research, over 130 million people are unbanked or underbanked across… » read more

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This article is the first part from a short series of articles about investment and trading using SSIX social sentiment data. As social networks become more and more part of our daily life, an increasing volume of comments and opinions covering a huge variety of topics are shared every second. Considering that social networks are… » read more

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At the beginning of October, an environmental landmark passed with little fuss: The last of the world’s 55 biggest greenhouse gases emitters ratified the historic Paris Agreement. The news generated fewer headlines than the initial deal. It also generated fewer headlines than April’s joint ratification statement by the US and China. But it was arguably… » read more

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Guest blog post by Alison Coleman, Policy Officer on Development Policies at Transparency International EU. At the heart of most global challenges lies one problem: corruption. Poverty, climate change, hunger, inequality and conflict are all fuelled to varying degrees by corruption. In the poorest countries, one out of every two people has paid a bribe… » read more

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National Parliaments often complain to have no direct grip on EU affairs, even if the Lisbon Treaty formalised their competence over the subsidiarity check on EU legislation. An area where National Parliaments play a crucial role is the EU resources, the modification of the decision on own resources is submitted to the ratification of National… » read more

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Guest blog post by Maxime BABLON, SAB, Professional Services. Jonathan Hill, former European Commissioner, took stock of his achievements on 12 July, during a speech at the Bruegel Institute. He drew up the work carried out during his mandate as Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services, and Capital Markets (FISMA) and detailed upcoming challenges for… » read more

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On 23rd December 2015 I published this post forecasting a very good year for the price of Bitcoin. At the time, I quoted 1 BTC = 401.93 (Bid) and 402.87 (Ask) euros on Kraken. The current price on the exchange Kraken is 509.45 (Bid) and 509.50 (Ask) euros, which is a gain of 26.5%. In… » read more

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Faced with yet another woefully pitiful set of growth figures, the European Central Bank (ECB) this week said it expects interest rates to remain at their record lows for a long time to come. Leaving the headline rate unchanged at 0%, the ECB also said it saw no need to alter its program of quantitative… » read more

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In Q2 2016, the situation on the global oil market unfolded in line with our expectations. Oil prices continued on an upward trend started around mid-January 2016. On the back of stronger demand (fuelled by low prices) and unforeseen events, which amplified the factors with a bearing on supply, the average price of Brent crude… » read more

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