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Three Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have been caught in alleged corrupt practice. Demanding loads of money, they agreed to make amendments to legislation that favoured a private financial interest. Or so they thought. It turned out that the offer came from reporters of London’s Sunday Times. They had been caught in a public… » read more

Retail prices of food, according to a UK bank, have increased almost twice as much as they should have done as a result of recent food commodity price increases. Prices to consumers have increased far more than indicated by the small proportion of raw material cost in the total cost of processing and delivering. An… » read more

I feel that many of us are watching Revolution 2011 sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East in very much the same passive manner as we watch a weather report map. Our citizen journalists on the ground are sending tweets and our leaders are expressing concern, but there is very little analysis on the… » read more

The European Commission’s approach to yet another upcoming reform of the common agricultural policy is largely devoted to the continuation of the current policy with a few added concessions to green pressures on the side. This approach is increasingly irrelevant at this stage in the development of European agriculture and in an increasingly unstable world… » read more

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