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Difficulty getting renewable energy from where it’s generated to where it’s consumed can be a big headache for countries wanting to go green. That’s the case with Germany, one of the world leaders in wind energy, Energy and Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel says. Most of Germany’s wind energy is generated in plains in the north,… » read more

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  Who is the most influential on EU Energy Efficiency policy? The second #EurActory40 ranking of The top 40 policy experts with influence in EU Energy Efficiency policy was unveiled at a roundtable debate titled: “Energy efficiency, 2016: The year of delivery?”. Download the full ‘#EurActory40 – #EnergyEfficiency’ list (PDF) A video provides a summary… » read more

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While the progression of renewable energy in Europe is significant and encouraging, with the authorities seeking to reach 20% of gross final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020, major challenges remain. Indeed, objectives both at the EU level and the ones formulated during COP21 gathering 186 countries, seem quite clear : in order to… » read more

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In its EU funds spending plans, Slovakia has shown commendable dedication to making bioenergy more sustainable. Taking over the EU presidency in June, it will have a unique chance to apply its expertise to improve European regulations on biomass.   by Miroslav Mojzis cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog   After pressure from Slovak non-governmental organisations,… » read more

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Random forecast

Not a day goes by without me being asked about future oil prices. And all discussions that follow end with the inescapable conclusion that oil prices cannot be predicted. This is a complete reversal in the way of thinking about the future from 8–10 years back, when most business decisions in the energy sector hinged… » read more

  Posted by Adam Czyzewski

Guest blog post by Heenan Paris. Following the European Commission’s formal notice to the French State on 22 October 2015 regarding EDF’s dominant position (80%) in the French hydropower sector, France has adopted a new legal framework enshrining the opening to competition of hydroelectric concessions which would not dispel all foreign hydroelectric operators’ doubts pertaining… » read more

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My belief that Bilbao is a stronghold of sustainable city developments is growing immeasurably. Why? Because after visiting for a week of creative dialogue between 800 participants from 200 cities, I found myself inspired by the city’s culture of social change. Further out from Bilbao (which recently hosted a series of events entitled New Pathways… » read more

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The European Union has announced a $2.3-million feasibility study of a natural gas pipeline between Cyprus and Europe — one of the continent’s latest efforts to reduce its dependence on Russian gas. Cyprus has had success developing gas fields off its eastern and southern coasts that are closer to Europe than Middle Eastern gas. Although… » read more

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Guest blog post by Nomi Byström, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Computer Science, Aalto University. Last December 195 nations as well as the European Union acting as a single party agreed to an international convention on climate change during the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21). Another important step is about to take place as world leaders… » read more

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La vittoria del “Sì” al referendum del 17 aprile porterebbe politiche energetiche e climatiche migliori? È più ragionevole pensare di no. Con il referendum del prossimo 17 aprile gli italiani hanno la possibilità di bloccare il rinnovo delle licenze per le attività di estrazione di idrocarburi esistenti e situate fino a 12 miglia dalla costa.… » read more

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Ahead of a referendum in the Netherlands on the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, Olexi Pasyuk from the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine discusses the agreement’s importance for Ukraine’s civil society and why Europe must still improve how it engages with the country. by Olexi Pasyuk, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog. (The… » read more

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