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Greener Skies

It is set to be a critical year for the world’s commercial aviation sector. By the end of 2016, the International civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN agency, will endorse a global standard for CO2 that all new aircraft will have to meet. This year, the ICAO will also approve the industry’s first worldwide carbon-offsetting… » read more

  Posted by The Aviation Blog

Documents obtained by Bankwatch provide more details for a European Investment Bank statement that its loans to Volkswagen may have been connected to the car makers use of cheating devices to rig emission tests. by Anna Roggenbuck, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog. With each passing day since Bankwatch revealed the European Investment Bank’s massive support… » read more

  Posted by Bankwatch

Guest blog post by Ian Gerard McKay, CEO of the Vancouver Economic Commission. 2016 will be the year that EU Member States and cities – along with the rest of the world – start delivering on COP21’s climate action agreements. With goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, EU cities pondering how to meaningfully contribute… » read more

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Revving recycling in Europe

Guest blog post by David Symons, environmental director at WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff in the UK. Every home in the UK threw away around a tonne of waste last year. From the old toaster to out of date food, from waste newspapers to plastic packaging. Councils recycled around half of this waste, a quarter went… » read more

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No-one will ‘freeze to death’ if the planned lignite-fired power plant in Kosovo does not receive support from multilateral development banks, but if it does, low-income households may well end up choosing between electricity and food. How can an institution, whose very mission is to end poverty, justify this project? by Visar Azemi, Coordinator at… » read more

  Posted by Bankwatch

Last month’s Paris Climate Conference (COP 21) was an exemplary moment in the history of stupid. A dismal failure, the much anticipated climate event did not produce any binding treaty, any strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and its toothless “non-adversarial and non-punitive” accord essentially put climate decisions on the back-burner until after 2050. Rather… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

Coinciding with the COP21 climate talks in Paris, ACEA’s Board of Directors met earlier this month to reiterate the industry’s long-term commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of its vehicles and production processes. Addressing climate change and air quality concerns tops the agenda of Europe’s automobile manufactures. Thanks to their efforts, CO2 emissions from new… » read more

  Posted by Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

Paris was a landmark deal! A major achievement to save the planet! The beginning of the end for the fossil fuel industry! The platitudes of the leaders on the Paris Agreement were rich; the reality of the text was very poor. The Risk-Monger read the COP-21 document to see what the excitement was about and… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

  The following is Part 3 of a ten-part blog on governance to be serialised over the holidays. How to Deal with Stupid, essentially a policy pamphlet, will examine how stupid has been able to rise, be used by clever manipulators to achieve legislative success and what can be done to begin to return stupid… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

The European Investment Bank’s track record stands in stark contrast to its pose as a hero in the fight against climate change. by Anna Roggenbuck, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog As declarations emerge from Paris about the billions and trillions of dollars needed to combat the affects of climate change, the world’s largest public lender,… » read more

  Posted by Bankwatch

  Among a crowd of heads of State and a series of high-level events organised on Monday for the official opening of COP21, it is the “Climate Vulnerable Forum” that caught everyone’s attention. The members of this forum that brings together 43 states vulnerable to the impacts of climate change signed a declaration calling for… » read more

  Posted by Charlotte Flechet

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