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Zusammenfassung: Nach Jahren der Stagnation sind die Westbalkanländer wieder auf der EU-Beitrittsagenda. Mitte Mai 2018 findet der Balkangipfel der bulgarischen EU Präsidentschaft in Sofia statt. Diese und ähnliche Entwicklungen passieren bislang ohne Einbeziehung der Ukraine, Moldaus und Georgiens. Kiew und Tiflis könnten, wie Chişinău das schon teilweise tut, ihre europäischen Ambitionen durch Teilnahme an neuen… » read more

  Posted by Andreas Umland

Greece’s Wrong Messiah

Guest blog post by Thimios Tzallas, a writer and specialises in British and Greek politcs. A week before the nerve-agent attack in Salisbury, the University of Peloponnesus, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs George Katroungalos, declared Vladimir Putin Professor Emeritus, because of his “contributions to culture and democracy”. In the person… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Trade is a major pillar of our sector’s global competitiveness. In this respect, both Brexit and recent threats about ‘walling off’ national markets are posing a serious threat to jobs and growth in the European automotive industry. EU auto manufacturers exported more than 6.1 million motor vehicles last year, generating a trade surplus of more… » read more

  Posted by Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

By Sabrina Röttger-Wirtz Transparency is a persistently hot topic with regard to European Agencies. Especially the balance between granting access to documents and the protection of commercially confidential information, which might be contained in documents that third parties submit to Agencies in the context of administrative procedures, seems to be rather difficult to strike. As… » read more

  Posted by TARN

  Guest post by Johan Merlevede. Merlevede is the director of Leuven MindGate, an association that represents the knowledge, high-tech, and healthcare sectors in Leuven, Belgium. Shout the phrase ‘innovation hub’ into a crowd of European techies or start-up fanatics and they’ll probably assume you’re talking about one of the grand capitals known for their… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

The recent discussions between Michel Barnier and David Davis, validated by the European Council, demonstrate many things: a failure to understand technical issues, stunning hypocrisy, signs of a Plan B. There is so much we still do not know. Based on public statements, the UK has obtained victory regarding the transition period, now 21 months… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

In the context of shaping the Future of Europe, the health community can bring the Wind of Change to the EU institutional renewal process by making the case for the added value of EU action on air pollution at European, national and local level, by pointing out the health benefits. Why is air pollution the… » read more

  Posted by My European Civil Voice - Zoltán Massay-Kosubek @EU_ZMK

Guest post by Helen Parker, Business analyst and legal advisor. After milk quotas, market fluctuations, EU-induced overproduction, free trade deals facing more competitive United States producers, and impossible red tape, EU farmers may be in for yet another challenge, with the possible introduction of very restrictive limits on the cadmium in their phosphate fertilizers, which… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Guest post by Tomas Zdechovsky. Zdechovsky is EPP Vice-Coordinator in the Budget Control Committee. “One of the reasons Communism was not successful economically was the planned economy. Bureaucrats in the capital decided at their desk how much wheat to grow in which season and with which fertiliser, to give just one example. They knew little… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Guest post by Joakim Palme, Chair, Delmi and Professor of political science at Uppsala University and Kristof Tamas, Director and Head of Secretariat, Delmi. The 2015 refugee crisis led to a series of changes in European Union migration policy, including the reintroduction of border controls and an arrangement with Turkey. Although the influx of asylum… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Jetzt ist der Katalonien-Konflikt also in Deutschland angekommen. Carles Puigdemont sitzt in der Justizvollzugsanstalt Neumünster ein. Ein deutscher Richter wird darüber entscheiden müssen, ob der 55-Jährige aufgrund eines europäischen Haftbefehls an die spanischen Behörden ausgeliefert wird oder nicht. An dieser Stelle ist es angebracht, noch einmal zu betonen, dass die Justiz natürlich unabhängig ist. Es… » read more


Die Pressekonferenz von NATO-Generalsekretär Stoltenberg heute hätte man außer in Englisch auch noch in Französisch oder in Russisch anhören können. So wie Pressemitteilungen und Statements im Russischen auf der NATO-Seite abrufbar sind. Wir erinnern uns: Russland ist kein Mitglied des Bündnisses. Und Russisch ist nicht Bulgarisch und auch nicht Ukrainisch. In kaum einer Rede von… » read more


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