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Financial education is more relevant and needed than ever. In the current economic and social climate, now more than ever we must seize opportunities, understand risks, innovate, and create livelihoods. While efforts to enhance the economic capabilities of young people are currently more advanced than in previous generations, misunderstandings about the relevance of financial education… » read more

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On April 16, the Turkish people voted in a constitutional referendum deciding whether to broaden the Presidential office’s influence at the expense of the parliament, further undermining the fragile Turkish parliamentary democracy and pushing it further towards authoritarianism. Erdogan’s razor-thin victory of (51,3%), allowed for the realization of his long-time effort to redefine his position… » read more

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by Herwig Hofmann and Catherine Warin EU law is not what it used to be in the early days of integration some sixty years ago. Having started in the shape of the ECSC as a special-purpose organisation of administrative nature for regulatory cooperation, the EU subsequently added constitutional frameworks defining the relation between different sources… » read more

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Pendant une heure Daniel Guéguen a répondu sans tabou aux questions de Lora Verheeke qui, outre l’animation de son émission consacrée au Lobbying européen, collabore à Corporate Europe Observatory, une association qui entend promouvoir les bonnes pratiques de lobbying et dénoncer les manquements à l’éthique. A la suite d’une introduction classiquement consacrée à la définition… » read more

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In the last decade, environment safety norms and regulations have been implemented for industrial and commercial activities. Environment safety has become an important aspect as far as industrial and commercial activities are concerned. The fuel and gas industry have also stepped up their efforts to manufacture efficient fuel alternatives in the last decade. The demand… » read more

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The snap general election is, once again, about the United Kingdom remaining part of – or leaving – the European Union. Essentially, it’s not about anything else! It’s not as if the British prime minister really gave any other reasons when appearing before cameras last Tuesday to announce a general election for Britain’s House of… » read more

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Erneut geht es bei den vorgezogenen Neuwahlen zum britischen Unterhaus um den Verbleib Großbritanniens in der Europäischen Union – oder um seinen Austritt. Im Grunde genommen geht es sogar um nichts Anderes. Insofern hat auch die britische Premierministerin keinen anderen Grund angeführt, als sie am vergangenen Dienstag in Downing Street vor die Kameras trat, um… » read more

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Emmanuel Macron, a 39 years old former banker from Rothschild and France’s former Minister of the Economy, is likely to become the new President of the French Republic. His victory against the National Front and the French political establishment in the first round of the French Presidential election was largely anticipated by the latest polls,… » read more

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Elettra Di Massa, EU Politics postgraduate student at LSE discusses the consequences of increased EU-Libya cooperation on migration management, and why this approach is not feasible, both on grounds of human rights and effective migration management. Since the EU hammered out a deal with Turkey in March 2016, EU officials and national governments have been… » read more

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L’enjeu n’est pas le sort de Mme Le Pen ou des français seuls, mais de toute l’Europe. La victoire de Emmanuel Macron n’est pas acquise en toute certitude, il faut rester mobilisé et pour ceux qui sont appelés à voter, ils doivent voter effectivement pour Emmanuel Macron. Les habiletés rhétoriques du type “pas une voix… » read more

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